Offensive Front Four must play the game of their lives...

If Casey Printers has his way he will start against Hamilton. No doubt about that. I for one will be delighted to see this happen. Despite comments like, " He will start if he can" from Wally Buono or "Yes I will, no I won't, maybe I will, I don't know" from Casey himself, I think it is a safe bet he will start. In my opinion the Lions have the best shot at taking Hamilton if he does.

The big question of course is, 'how healed will his sprained thumb be' by the time he takes the first snap. Reports say he has been practicing throwing the ball. That is huge! But then there is still some swelling which is not so good.

How much will this injury limit his play selection? Hard to tell. We know Printers can scramble out of the pocket, throw on the fly with pin point accuracy and eat up a lot of yardage on his own. But that is with a healthy uninjured body.

But imagine you have jammed your thumb, the most important digit on your hand. It is healing nicely and just needs time. Then someone comes along and yanks your thumb back again. Game over!

I will be very happy and excited to see Casey starting the game but just how long he will last is anyone's guess. It will take just one play- just one, to take him out of the game. Rest assured, The Ti-Cats will be looking for that opportunity. The Lions offensive front 4 are going to have to come up with the game of their lives to protect Casey Printers or it will be 'exit Casey, enter Travis.'

Travis could get the job done [possibly] but we cannot forget that he has not played in weeks and has not got nearly the experience Printers has.

Yes, the Cats will be very eager to "shake hands" with Mr. Printers! :twisted:

Very good Tiger-Cat! lol

More like Printers will be laughing in joy how he is happy he is not on your team anymore so he is not embarrassed when he owns his old team.

Go to the CFL section to trash talk other teams.

I hope all 5 play good.

Good game or not, I am proud of the lions, this 60 minutes can extend there season, or end it, play your hearts out lions, if you do so, no matter what the score, im proud of you.