Offensive Dream Team

So, the Riders have this promo on where you pick your all-time Rider dream-team, which got me to thinking: Who would you pick as your all-time CFL offensive dream team? Any players from any team, at any time. . .any takers?

This is a topic that's going to spawn alot of debate. USAspike's already started the ball rolling with his seperate topics on best QBs, RBs, and WR/SBs. However, if you need to compile them all into one team, I'd go with the following:

QB: Warren Moon
RB: "Pinball" Clemons
WR: Milt Stegall, Allan Pitts
SB: Mervyn Fernandez

As for who you'd put on the line, that's a tough call because those guys rarely get any recognition.

Here is my dream offensive team -

WR - Mervyn Fernandez - Terry Greer - alternate - Jason Tucker
Slot - Milt Stegall- Ray Elgaard - alternate Allen Pitts
FB - George Reed - Alternate - Mike Pringle
RB- Charles Roberts - Alternate Cedric Minter
QB - Doug Flutie - Alternate Warren Moon
Center - AL Wilson – Alternate Brian Chui
Guard - Roger Aldag - Andrew Greene -Alternate Pierre Vercheval
OT tackle - Chris Walby - Uzooma Ukeke Alternate - Dan Payne
Punter - Hank Ilesic - Alternate Bob Cameron
Kicker - Dave Ridgway - Alternate Dave Cutler
Kick returner - GIzmo Williams -Alternate Pinball Clemons

WTG Jm02!!! FOOTBALL TALK …THATS MORE LIKE IT… I think you should give this some time to stew a bit and then ask for the Defensive side… :smiley:

one suggestion dent, if you want roberts as your rb the only fullback to choose is mike sellers. those to as a combo were unstoppable. reed and pringle much more of alstars in their own right but mike and charlie should never have been allowed to part. (all we needed to do was pay sellers ten times what he was making. how hard is that :slight_smile: )

Lawrence Philipps sure was offensive.