offensive coordinators??

two questions for you?
who was our oc in 2001? i believe lapolice was 02-03 and rl jr was the nightmare of 04 but i can't seem to recall 01.

and do you think that gibson is part of the offensive problem right now or is it daley calling the shots?

It was Gibson in 2001, and the problem right now is Martin, not the oline, not charlie and not the receivers.

The Bombers are a ways away from having a good offense. However, there are signs things are turning around:

  1. Glenn is back. Thank God. He may not be Ricky Ray, but he's at least a competent QB.
  2. The O-Line was better in Edm and should improve over time.
  3. Stegall is healthy, and the other receivers (McGarity esp) looked a little interested in the ball in Edm.

At this point, I'd take an offense that is decidedly mediocre. It's better than the train wrecks we've been enduring thus far.

pigseye- you sure about that?? i thought he was just oline coach. i could be wrong but i thought we lost our o coordinator after the 01 season. and the bomber page seems to agree with me that he was just o lone coach but that page is fairly useless so you may be right. i enjoyed the offensive schemes we ran back then though. really spread out. didn’t hurt that we had an allstar cast at the time either.

No it was Gibson.

then i am glad to have him back. what say do you think he has in playing martin over wynn and michna?? i am hoping i can blame daley for that completely but i do wonder.

Just read in todays paper it was Worman not Gibson, the memory is failing, too much el kabong perhaps.

yes that is it. i didn't think it was gibson. my memory usually serves me well, recall not always so good. do we know what rick worman is up to these days?? maybe we could drag him back out of the states for us.

Yep, your O-line is performing great (and I live in Ottawa). I am now watching the Bombers-Al's game as I type this, and the blocking by the Peg's O-line tonight is nothing short of spectacular. Offensive linemen, the unsung heroes. Not tonight! Oh man, i just missed a Bombers TD because I was writing this! 31-10 for Winnipeg; this game is unreal!

Slowly becoming a little more real, Als are coming back ! watch out!

Go Bombers!

did you see the play calling on the offense? brilliant other than of course a few calls that shouldnt of happened IE the gamble on third and 1 and half but still,, that run against the blitz compelety fooled them, excellet call and very good blocking by the O line, and i agree it was martin that was our problem, but now glenn is back and things will work out

That's hard to say, don't forget about week one.