Offensive coordinator with Taffe

Some musings to consider if Taffe is willing to let some else be the O.C.; could Jac.Chap. be persuaded to leave B.C.and join the Taffe staff as O.C. or could or would Danny Mac or Damon Allen be persuaded to be the O.C. and backup q.b. for Taffe. I am thinking that Danny Mac would be an excellent teacher to Jason Maas. Grooming another backup would be even better and would benefit from Danny Mac or Damon Allen's vast experience but with the new "salary cap," having a playing o.c. might be an essential savings, thoughts?


If this team, the new head coach and whoever is the new offensive co-ordinator are in their right minds, Jason Maas will be gone. One look at any game he was in this past season should convince them he is a lost cause. With Maas' age and experience, its way too late for teaching. If he had what it takes we would have seen some encouraging signs throughout the season.
A new GM, Head Coach and Offensive co-ordinator should not be saddled with Maas. We also need a new starting QB.

If Charlie comes, his choice for OC will be moot, because he will call the plays.

If Charlie comes, expect Maas to stay, - and improve drastically.

I like your thinking, Rev.

whomever comes Maas better be gone. He was damaged goods when we got him. He just had surgery on his shoulder again for the second time in a year. He got hurt in the warmups of the 2005 Grey Cup(but i guess noone knew that)and the Eskimos failed to let us know that aswell. DO whatever you have to do to get Casey Printers, for the sake of the team and the Season Ticket Renewals.