Offensive Coordination

I have to get my two cents in, it's cathartic.

I am a die hard pocket QB fan. The running QB is not my style, but in the CFL it works. I have never liked Tracy Ham because of his running style, but for maney years he was successful in Edmonton. Nealon is a Tracy Ham.

I was much happier with a Kent Austin at the helm.

Nealon cannot throw the ball down feild, I think Danny Barret thinks Nealon's visor gets in the way. Last game he had a clear one, and last year Danny had Nealon loose the visor all together. Whatever the reason Nealon cannot throw the ball more than 5 yards. I've seen Nealon throw far down field and miss recievers (trying to stretch out the "D", but if it's not successful no one fears the deep threat). The tradegy here is that the Sask Roughriders arguably have the best recieving core in the league right now. Like a pitcher who has to throw the curve ball for a stike to make the batter respect the curve, so too must a QB throw down field successfully. Nealon must trust in his recievers and learn to throw DOWN the field.

I like to watch talent grow, and I've enjoyed cheering for the same players year in and year out but Nealon is not getting it done. I think Crandall should be traded, Butler should be given a shot at the #1 spot and Nealon should be the #2 guy untill he can learn to pick the zone apart.

As the QB goes so too goes the team.

Actually Nealon was out all of last year with a broken leg, I'm sure his visor was the least of his concerns. Also, when called upon he has had completed throws over 40 yards severals times now in each of the last 3 games.

It's more or less what play will Marcel call? So far he has stayed away from the deep ball because he believes his grinding NFL style of chizzling away at first down yardage with hitch passes and 5 yard runs will work in the CFL. Greene can definitely throw the ball, let's hope Marcel will call it some more to actually get some different plays happening on offense.

Maybe the Problem is they are trying to turn a mobile QB into a Pocket passer…Lets face it why are they not utilizing Greene’s Mobility?.. Fake draw sprintout look for Primary target…if he is not open Run!!! they have the running attack …Look how when Keith sprung an few big ones on Ottawa and the End was wide open in Ottawa’s haste to tackle Keith… gets some misdirection going use some different formations … this is a coaching problem.

I agree with Dentor, Marcel is trying to create Nealon into something he can't be. He is made to scramble so let him scramble! And enough of this running up the middle constantly! We have more than one running play marcel!

Well at least I know somebody agrees with me!

I believe the biggest problem with the offense is the play calling. Does the shotgun draw really need to be called 10 times a game? Does the hitch pass really need to be called 5 times a game? And if you're going to throw the hitch pass send your reciever in motion, too many times he's standing still when he catches it and it then brings up 2 and 12. Keith is really quick and they have to start using that with some runs to the outside and Nealon has to line up under centre more instead of out of the shotgun. The shotgun is used on 95% of the plays right now, we need to show the D more looks.

They finally showed some new looks...Remember what i said about using Keith as a setup? TOUCHDOWN..... as Greene scampers untouched to the endzone.....they did some miss direction plays ....then fell back into this hitch pass BS wann know why they cant go deep? harken back to the first quarter and then tell me how wide open was Thurman on that bomb and then tell me how over thrown he was.........nuff said

I agree with you. i have always hated running QB’s Its one thing to run if there is nuthing open but to constantly do an end run or take a step back then run forward is annoying.

To me its telling your back and reciever “you cant do the job so I am going to do it.”

But what else can we do when coaching is commited to a guy that cant throw the ball least roll him out... I mean he did hit a few receivers while doing this... they gotta respect the fact that he might run...Really boils down to execution....when to throw, when to run, when to throw it outta bounds when theres nothing there... Greene has never learned to execute...maybe a Mentor like Austin? I have been throwing that scenario around a bit