Offensive Concerns

In the last four weeks we have probably played against the best defenses in the league, and have managed to build a comfortable lead without having to play risky on offense. In each game, no team has come back to take the lead in the second half, even if we did not finish them off in the third quarter.

In todays game, and last weeks we had the wind in the fourth quarter. In both cases the offense was glad to just keep pace with the opposition in the third quarter, and kept them working with a long field. The offense was driving the ball in the fourth today until the second pick was given up. Had we not made the interceptions, I believe the offense would have put up some scores to finish the Bombers off.

I was a little concerned that it seemed like we were playing not to lose, instead of playing to win in the third quarter, but accepted the fact that as long as we did not turn the ball over and give up big plays, we would beat Winnipeg, because overall we are a better team. This showed a lot of confidence in the defense, and an understanding that our offense is still good enough to move the ball down the field on most drives.

Offensively, our statistice were way ahead of the Bombers in both halfs. After the two picks, we just went to a possession offense to run out the clock.

Overall, I’m not that concerned. This offense can move the ball when necessary, and has shown they can also control the game when in a lead. You don’t always have to run up the score right away to put a team away. If you can get up by 10 points and stay there, it’s just as effective.


Yeah, I was pleased with how they stuck with the run after the Winnipeg D pretty much shut it down for most of the game, and then Cobb and the O-line came through at the end with some good solid runs and first downs executing some good ball control. You don't always need points when you can manage a lead.

I'm more concerned about our specialty teams than anything. I would like to see more from them. If we could improve there, it would make a huge difference in our game.

Long fields have killed us all year. I can't even remember the last time we had a descent run 25+ yards. We barely start in the other teams end (throw out the SSK game with the winds).

I don't believe that this is a problem of McDaniel, I tend to blame the blocking more. No seams or laneways open up and he seems to be trying to pick a lane and go but it's always stuffed.

Agreed. Everytime he catches the ball, the opposing team's coverage is right on him.

I agree 100% myko. The reason we are winning is defense. I don’t have a problem with that, in fact I celebrate the fact because defense wins championships. The fact is that we need to be better offensively in the second half of games than we have been because only BC appears to be incapable of mounting a come from behind effort of the teams we may see in the playoffs. As with every other win this season it wasn’t about the QB and the offense yesterday, it was about the defense. Many championship teams have had average or below average offenses. Lets hope this years Cats add one more to the list

I agree the defence may have won the game for us but the offence was no slouch either. More than 300 yards through the air and, more importantly controlled the game. Look at the time of possession and tell me the offense didn't play great.

Overall yes, but there's always room for improvemnt, and in our case, It's finishing drives and scoring points.

Jonesie was right on:

"I was a little concerned that it seemed like we were playing not to lose, instead of playing to win in the third quarter, but accepted the fact that as long as we did not turn the ball over and give up big plays"

That was my feeling as well - we sort of stopped being aggressive (or at least, that's how it seemed, maybe their D was getting better), and looked like we were just trying not to lose.

However, WE'VE GOT A HOME PLAYOFF GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I think the team plays more conservatively in the second half because they're trying to limit mistakes and not give the other team a chance to get back into the game by giving them the ball back. Having said that, I would like to see some better play calling in second and long situations.

They've been winning, but we have to play better to beat Montreal -- which is ultimately what this season is culminating in. Can we beat Montreal?

Im not concerned. Lets not forget Winnipeg`s defense is pretty good. In the third quarter with the lead we did get a little conservative. Especially with the 2 and 22 run play to Cobb. I found that after that, they got a little more aggressive passing the ball to McDaniel and controlling the time of possession.

Could it be a symptom of how well our defense has played that we aren't so compelled to play more agressive offense in the second half?

I am over-joyed at the fact we're hosting a playoff game but concerned at the same time that we weren't playing for the kill with only a 4 point lead in the third and fourth quarters.