Offensive Concerns

Great Win today..

But am I the only one concerned that for the third consecutive game, our offence has only mustered 6 points in the second half??

Let it go.. enjoy the win.. there is plenty of time to complain later!!!!!

amen HTD enjoy ....

Mycko, enjoy the win with all our fellow ticat fans!!! What a great day :rockin:

I'm not complaining.

Concerned. I dont want it to be a playoff 'appearance'...I want it to be a playoff 'run'.

Our last three games, we have let the other team hang around...and you can't do that in the playoffs...

We've played amazingly against BC this year and this time they're coming in on a low and wounded. This game is ours for the taking. Sell out IWS this Sunday, spread the word.


Each game is to its own. We put up fifty points against the Als a couple weeks ago. We smacked BC twice this year. It's the CFL playoffs in a year any (except the blue team) is capable of winning. Get behind out TiCats and enjoy the ride.

Only here would there be negative comments after a huge win. :roll:

Really, doesn't he know defense wins ball games!!!

We won. That's the big thing.

Are there a few things that I didn't like about the offense today? Yes, but in the end we won. We'll get our problems addressed in the week and be ready for BC next Sunday.

When the hell does a concern become complaining? When the hell does a concern mean I'm not behind the team? Did anyone read the 'great win' to start the post?

I"ve never been negative towards this team all year. I have a freakin CONCERN. And its true one.

To say I'm not behind them is ridiculous (I'm taking 6 people with me next week).

Thats kind of my concern. We needed the last three games to get into the playoffs. I would have thought that after only scoring 6 points in the second half against Toronto and letting them back in it, it would have been corrected. I would have thought after last week when we only scored 6 in the second half it would have been addressed for today. It wasn't. I'm concerned. Thats all.

O.k everyone just go to the fridge. Get out a cold one and celebrate this huge win. Oskee wee wee !!!!!!!!

Sure there are concerns, every team has them right now. What the fans are saying right now is, forget about it. Let's enjoy this victory and the fact that its anybody's championship this year.

I can understand your concerns. We have become too conservative in the second half. It's been paying off so I guess maybe it's the right call, but it sure makes me nervous. I would like to see the Ticats offence continue to attack the defense in the second half. And maybe, if we were losing in the second half we would have.
I would not worry too much about a lack of production in the second half. I would like to see the Cats go to Bruce a little more often though.

Or how about mentioning how are defense was solid for a second straight game

They are in the playoffs!! First goal accomplished and pretty handily too. They did more than enough to win today even as the visiting team and with an 11th hour replacement for Setta. Enjoy it.


An Argo-Cat fan

Yes, great win!

I'm not overly concerned about it. it's all about game managment and learning how to win.

How many time slast year or two we had chances to win and we shot ourswelves in the foot.

AFter watching the excelent game management in the Sask. game, I feel confident the coaches and players know how to manage a lead and put it in cruise for a win.

And guys, ( and gals) who are dismissing mycko75's concern, layoff.

There are plenty of threads about the win, the enjoyment of the win, certain players and plays, etc. He is allowed to start a thread about his concerns. If you want to reply, say yes, I'm concerend, or no I'm not concerend and give your reasons. Don't tell him what he should post and say he's complaining and not enjoying the win when that's not true at all.

Actually, 6 points in the last 3 quarters.

Despite the fact that we haven't scored much in the 2nd half in the last three games, we have won all three. Would it be good for the "o" to score more in the 2nd half? Absolutely, but in this game, you lose as a team, and you win as a team. The offence is only one element. If the O continues to only score 6 pts. in the 2nd half in the playoffs and we continue to win, who cares? We are winning, and that's all that matters.