Offensive Coaching grade vs Al's/Ref's

OK, this thread for those who like to break down the game. this is how I grade the O.C. and assistants.
These are the issues the H.C may be asking about .

d)Receivers Offside in motion, (once is to often)
d)Procedure calls, (on crucial down,s)
d)Play selection/design ,running game,( RB,s trying to hit holes that aren't there!)
d) Receiver routes, (lack of deep threat, uncoordinated routes.)

IMHO all marks can be fixed with one week of good practice :rockin:

I agree that the penalties just kill us but despite the interception,penalties and rough first half this weekend I thought they got Coubourne into the game and infact won this game.The only thing that saved the Als was the complacent Ref so I think if the Cats stick to a similar game plan by confusing the other team on who starts,include a running game and cut down on the penalties they could surprise some teams.The score at halftime was only 14-9 against the Als and we only lost by 2 against the Champs so as long as we don't go with a pass dominated game like the Winnipeg game and give Cobourne about 100 yrds on the ground and include Stala and Thigpen in the plans then we can beat anybody,the BC game will be a gut check for sure.

I agree the refs decided the game, but i don't think they(TiCats) can sit back and think they are Cup Contenders, they have to keep getting better.