Offensive Co-ordinator for next year

I know the offence struggled with Buratto & Diedrick this year, but the offence coaching staff has not had much cohesivness the last few years. Staying with the defensive co-ordinator the few years has shown top results.

Any thoughts out there???

Well Buratto and Diedrick got bounced out of Calgary after the 06 season. Must have been a good reason...if Stubler takes over according to the rumours maybe he will want his own people. But Buratto and Rita our buddies so maybe Buratto stays.
They keep knocking Bishop because he supposedly can't pick up all of Buratto's complicated offense. I think sometimes coaches try to make things more difficult then they really are trying to justify their importance.
I'm a firm believer in playing to a players strengths. With Bishop he's big he can run and he throw on the run. So you design plays that work to his strengths and let the opposition try and stop you. They had Bishop roll out some Sunday but it was quite obvious he wasn't going to run the ball himself so Winnipegs DB's were never challenged to break coverage. Just dumb IMO.
A sudden death game you got to let it all hang out, not keep calling plays that are not working and then blame the QB for not executing.
I blame the Argo coaching staff for this loss.