Offensive Co-ordinating

Pretty sure Riders are going to look for some continuity on O and will keep Dyce. So what is it that keeps the
O Co-ordinators from calling what 90% of fans on the forums, at the bar watching, or at the stadium itself watching the games, assume are the proper calls to utilize the talent available? The stuff like Durant useing his legs and running more, short hook patterns to open up the deeper stuff later on, and the most mundane and repetative running formations and plays imagineable. What is it they see that we common folk miss? Is it us being out to lunch and if so what don't we see that prohibits what seems like the natural use of talent and play calling? I don't get it. :oops: Not to say Dyce was a flop, but why are there so many other, what seem obvious, imaganitive plays out there when the O struggles, that just don't get attempted. They seem to just keep beating the game plan to death no matter how unsuccessfull it is turning out to be. Is it us common folk overestimating the talent and abilities of the players?

I thought for a first year OC the play calling overall was pretty good. 3rd and short needs some serious attention though. Lets not forget how many times the right call was made and the ball was simply dropped. I have never seen a club, even in high school ball, drop as many as the Riders did in the last third of the season...easily 5 per don't win many like that. Hell...even Dressler started dropping a lot! For me, I must look at the receivers coach and that is my biggest question mark on O...I am a little torn with Tucker, because he seems to be doing a pretty good job with routes, but he is clearly not helping these guys mentally / with their hands. Also, he really reduced how much DD was passing to the short flat...DD's infamous pick-six area.

Also, if Sanders and Sheets can stay healthy, and maybe mix Moss in there, this will be a tough O to stop. Heck...maybe they can land Krackert...the 3 of them would be amazing in that cycle! They pick up one guy for that rotation as insurance, and that might be Moss, and they will look good.

The OC schemes and such could be enhanced for next season be a tougher... also it's a good thing that Sheets is locked in for 2013 as I believe C. Sheets may take a look at the NFL when the time arrives.

I agree 3rd and short needs improvement. Would also like to see some gambling on second and short; play calling in these situations was way too conservative, felt more like NFL than CFL football. This is where Lancaster shone, able to read defensive weaknesses and take opportunities when they arose. Don't know if they give Durant the same latitude to audible. Overall, I thought offensive scheme improved; most breakdowns were with the O line, and critical drops as mentioned.

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Back on topic; good thread, thus Durant will absorb more come next season - needs to stay healthy is key that's already been pointed out for his running option.

Sheets moved around from practise roster to practise roster in the NFL. I think those days are long gone for him given his age (27). Nobody is going to spend what is required for a vetern in the NFL when they got hundreds of fresh legs coming out of college every year.

Thanks for info greenandwhite, I didn't realize he bounced around the NFL. Fortunate for the Riders to have a player of his nature with the numbers Kory put up in his first CFL season. Hope he can improve on his stats for next season.