Offensive and Defensive Coordinators

Okay, now that the new head coach is in place, who do you think and/or who do you want as O/C and D/C ?

I expect that Cortez will be heavily involved in the offence, to the extent that the new O/C will have that position pretty much in name only. So I expect Cortez will hire a young guy with potential, that he can groom as O/C with a view to taking on more and more responsibility for offence as time progresses. So I would not be surprised that he picks some young up and comer from US college ranks (or buried way down on some NFL team's coaching staff as a QB coach, running backs coach, or receivers coach), and quite possibly someone that we have never heard of (yet).

For D/C I'm already on record as hoping he hires Gary Etcheverry.

I am hoping that he can get someone who has had some time working with him before in the CFL.

As you know, Madjack, down the QEW Gary Etcheverry wasted the Hall of Fame talents of Joe Montford,

by making him stay home covering his wide side similar to what Corey Chamblin did with Stevie Baggs.

Maybe Mr. Etcheverry he learned from that. He is known as a very creative Defensive Co-ordinator.

Jack, I like your analysis of Cortez" possible direction re O/C.

More interesting will be his choice of D/C. There seems to be a misconception about Cortez' knowledge of defensive tactics.
It seems to me that nobody can become a good offensive guru without an excellent understanding of defense. And the opposite is just as true. How can you plan an effective defense unless you can understand completely the offenses that you will face?

I'm sure that his contacts will allow him to tap into experienced coaches who can complement whatever system he plans to introduce.

One thing in his favour. I get the impression from recent events that 'money is no object'
I could be wrong, and it's not my money. But, if true, it could signal that nothing less than complete success will be the target for this and succeeding seasons. Hope springs eternal.

There's already speculation by Perry Lefko that Mike Roach could become the DC:

[url=] ... on_cortez/[/url]

from the above link: "Don't be surprised if Mike Roach, with whom Cortez has worked with previously, becomes the new defensive co-ordinator. He has a ton of experience."

Defensive coordinator. Casey Creehan from Winnipeg? Mike O'Shea from the Argos?

Offensive Coordinator.Jaime Elizondo formerly with Argos? Doug Berry?


Ah yes, but this is the same Perry Lefko who just a week or so ago said it was almost a certainty that Tim Burke was going to be the Cats’ head coach.

madjack: We'll just have to wait and see. Roach seems like a good name to throw in the mix though.

Not necessarily arguing that mr62. . .just that with Lefko's track record, I'm in a wait-and-see mode.

Had it been Naylor, Busby, or someone like that, I'd give it more credit.

There's nothing wrong with Lefko. I've been following and reading his stuff for years and he is one of the journalists with the balls to actually speculate on a possible outcome, rather than just play it safe like everyone else and report only after the fact. So what if his predictions don't always happen? At least he gives you possible outcomes to ponder. Funny how he never gets praise when he does predict the right scenario.

That's true Krisiun as I don't think I've thought of it that way; give Lefko credit for his work/insight is good.

I have no problem with what Lefko does. But if he's going to make predictions instead of reporting facts, then he should make it known that's what he is doing.

In this case, of course, Lefko did not make a prediction or mention the likelihood or probability of Roach becoming DC.

Agreed. I have no problem with Lefko's CFL coverage.

And speaking of CFL media coverage, just wanna say again how wonderful both Drew Edwards and Steve Milton continue to be. Their writing and coverage of the tabbies are absolutely terrific!

I'm not a big Lefko fan, but let's be fair here.

Perry also said that the announcement of the head coach would come by the end of last week, which is did.

Naylor also repeatedly stated that George Cortez was not in the mix, which obviously he was.

What some people on here don't seem to understand is that Perry Lefko's job is to speculate, he didn't make any predictions on who is going to be the OC or DC. His speculations are meant to be taken with a grain of salt and I doubt even he would think of them as any more than that.

[url=] ... fc6c69970b[/url]

If his job is to speculate, then he should use a better choice of words in his writings. Check the article that he wrote last Wednesday when he said "It's almost a certainty" that Burke would be named our new head coach. When he uses strong words such as the one I bolded, obviously people are going to feel mislead when it turns out that he's wrong.

Notice how in the statement "It's almost a certainty, you focused on the word "certainty". That's the problem.

The key word there is almost which I interpret as :a strong possibility but not a guarantee

People sometimes skim too quickly through articles and focus only on the impact words, which doesn't always give the whole picture.

krisiun and jordan:

"Almost a certainty" is a contradiction...just like "almost exactly". It can't be both. It has to be one or the other.... "almost" or a "certainty".
Perry Lefko is a columnist...not a reporter in the journalistic sense in that he has to back up statements with a source. Being a columnist gives him a licence to speculate, discuss rumours and not name his sources. Journalists can't get away with that.
That means we can take what we want from what he says. His comments about Tim Burke were nothing more than his best guess/information at the time.
Until the Caretaker chimed in (or the Globe and Mail reported it :wink: ) everything was speculation.

I hope everybody understands that Mr. Lefko doesn't just dream up his opinions on his own like we do,

they are formed after consulting with CFL contacts he has developed; therefore, well educated opinions.

People bad-mouth him when his sources are wrong like he is some kind of goof who is never right.

people are going to feel mislead when it turns out that he's wrong.
What's up with that? It's all fun and games. My guess is Perry has a good batting average overall.