The Ticats suck and the offense sucks the most. You have fired a great coah in Greg Marshall who wasn't the problem. You keep losing so if your offgense still sucks, maybe Marshall was the wrong guy to fire.

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or maybe marshall sucked, but he wasn't the only one that should have gone. Marshall was a sub .500 coach BEFORE the start of this season. He should have been on his last legs after last season and lo and behold after an 0-4 start there he goes.

how do you know he wasn't the problem?
how do you know PaoPao can't run an offence with a quarterback who can't throw?
how do you know what goes on in the locker room?

It's amazing what people think they know.
Geg Marshall is a great coach but should never have been thrown into the lions den.

I'm not saying Marshall wasn't a great coach. (i'm sure not saying he is either)

all i'm saying is that after a 5-13 season, Marshall SHOULD have been in a "prove your worth" mode. after a 0-4 start already being on the bubble, firing Marshall was the right move.

others probably also should have gone. but that didn't happen.

how many times do we have to re-visit this. yes the ticats are garbage right now but marshall is responsible for the teams situation. he is the head coach and bares all responsibility. this is part of the game and with it comes great perks. Like for instance winning coach of the year. there is no offensive co-ordinator of the year.... but unfortunately you have to take the negatives with this great honor. when your team stinks it up the year before and goes 0-4 then next with all the revamped talent brought in........well you dont really have a leg to stand on. so while your loyalty to marshall is admirable it does not make any sense.

Ahem....surely you meant the Tigers den? :wink:

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Tiger's lair :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

To all the "they fired the wrong coach" people....

If Paopao was to be fired.... who hired him? ...and who's job do you think it would be to fire him?

Espo wrote-He should have been on his last legs after last season and lo and behold after an 0-4 start there he goes So why didnt his sidekick Assistant head coach go as well????? the one with 3 loseing season as head coach in
Ottawa, and one wrecked franhise???

massdestruction he didnt go because they must have thought they didnt want to disrupt the offensive continuity. obviously in hindsight it wouldnt have mattered. but there is no question marshall was in over his head. like i said if he can take the praise then he has to learn to take the blame. same goes for you.

same goes for you.
Are you blaming massdestruction for our offgensive, er...offensive woes?

This team is about 4 weeks of preparation behind the rest of the league. Coach Marshall seems like he is a great guy, but the fact of the matter is that a team of professionals seems to struggle with some of the basic football skills, and that goes all the way back to training camp, when Marshall was in charge.

At least when Marshall was around, Hamilton was a competitive team. With some field goal kicking, a few less penelties and a little luck they could have been 2-2 instead of 0-4

I do have to admit, that while I respect Ron's history and all that, I was only embarrased once under the Marshall years (48-0)..BUT have been embarrased 3 out of the last 4 weeks.

what i m saying is that if you are a marshall fan and basked under the coy award then you need to accept the negaivity surrounding him and his ultimate dismissal. i dont care if he was a saint. i want a coach who demands discipline and respect while surrounding himself with capable coaches. anything else is a nice guy who gets fired.