I know the game plan was to run often with CR and be conservative and not have Glenn try to do too much....and he did protect the ball very well....but cmon Gibson (OC Cor)at some point he is going to have to open it up a bit....we look like we swiped the Riders play book from last year on offense and that isnt good enough....

...why don't they try a few more swing passes out of the backfield ... and we have to have someone open with the talented receivers on this club...with Henri back in the game (i hope).....we should be able to mix things up a bit's hoping we start with the Esks. :slight_smile:

their the O needs to do my passes, this is a pass happy game, and it will keep the D guessing.

pappa......Roberts and Childs....Keith and Holmes......lets not go there......lets hope that Glenn and his receivers get on track against the Schmoes.....2 games and no passing TDs yet....if we make it 3, then I think we have a problem brewing....

we can be like the superbowl winning ravens...that yr they went 7 games without a offenceive td and won all 7 Go D

ahh yes the Ravens....awesome defence and great special teams...we have a long way to go on offense and special teams...but its a long season and I am sure they will get their act together and start putting some points on the board.....Montreal and TO both have good defences so they were a good early season test...the Schmoes defence is not quite as a good imo...maybe we can get it going against them..