Offense Horrible.

Hey long time reader of these boards first time post. Anyways some may not agree with me but after watching the first half of this game, our offence officially sucks. Now I am not blaming the players, I think its our offence co-ordinator. I think we should fire Pao-Pao after this game if we loose, and dont let go any of our players. I will get flammed I am aware of that but I dont care I need this off of my chest, cause I have been saying this since the third game we played. Well this is what I have to say respond to it if you want, but i needed to get my voice out there lol.

I am aware I spelt Offence wrong, just noticed it lol.

I agree with you,it looks like we pulled out our pee-wee football playbook again.I've been saying this all year about our offense,it looks like pee-wee football.With the exception of last game.

One other game we played good offencivley was that montreal game we lost. But ya last week was good, but dont forget we had ranek doing all the stuff, well most of it. But we cant use Ranek all the time because teams now know to watch out for him. Anyways my prediction of todays score will be 17-1 for Toronto, just because of our offence.

This game is a joke.....................

This game is just aweful. How many more stinkers do we have to have before the offensive coaches are shown the door?

hopefully this is the last.

Its being blamed on the players, its not the players, someone should resign :oops:

The players have to play with more passion !!!!

gotta luv the horizontal 5 yd passes when we need 10 .
who is calling these plays and whose job is it to fix it?, it's been 9 games!
poa poa

I think kthat one of our problems is that we do not have a player who is a cut above the rest. We have adequate players. We do not have a Darren Flutie, an Earl Winfield or a Rocky Dipietro. I just want to see a receiver fight for the ball and take a hit.

We need someone who puts his heart into the game and makes a play.

no run game to sell the pass.
i luv heart too but you also need strategy and execuion.

Heart is what we are lacking. Hate to admit it but 9 games into the season and Jason Maas-Stake just isn’t cutting it. Too many bad passes , overthrown, underthrown, thrown behind the reciever. If it isn’t Jason then it’s the offensive scheme…something has to change. We need a backup that can come into a game if Maas isn’t getting it done. And a coach that isn’t afraid to pull the switch. The only thing keeping fans in the stadium this season is the 50/50 draw…

We had a pretty good run game last week. The Argo’s defensed it well…Why not a little play action. If the Argo’s bite on the run , we can complete a few passes over the middle.

Lets face the fact. Our offense is way too easy to defence against. No consistant improvement from game to game and definitly no adjustments during the games especially during the second half of the games.

The offense has only produced two victories this season and has only scored two points in the last two home games. Disgraceful!!!!!

Something has to happen and should happen immediately.

My first suggestion would be to throw the ball down field and forget these 5-7 yard passes. Spread the defense and open up the box for the running game.

As far as Paopao is concerned maybe Ron Lancaster will have to design a new offense for him. Ron should know a better offense than what has been displayed the first half of this season.

The offense from lats nights game is one persons fault and one only: Jason Maas. He over threw recievers not once, not twice, not thrice, but at the least four times! Did he remonstrate with them afterwards? Did he go over to the sideline and chat with the coach? Nope. He just went about his marry old buisness, throwing passes away and making stupid judegments in passing to a wide open player 5 yards down field on 2 and 10. 5 yards sint going to get you that first down unless you have a reciever who can break 4 tackles and still gallop free. Terry Vaughn isnt superman. And the play calling by Paopao was just plain terrible. Maas, being an experienced QB, should have changed some of those plays at the line. Maas is the worst thing to happen to the cats in a while and i really dont care what you other people have to say. Im sick of this garbage and enough is enough.