Offense / Defense 2010

I am not a coach or would I claim to be but I am at a lost to explain why this team again thi season refuses to use one of the leagues premier running backs more ...Whre is the ground game?
Offense .... This short yardage scheme was innovative the first year, but as I see it right now the rest of the teams have caught on to the scheme and know how to defend it. Afterall, it's only an eight team league and tendancies are more easily exposed. I also believe it was huge mistake which will come back to hurt us letting Chad Owens leave. Let hope Hawkins easies this pain. :?

Defense ..... 4 sacks in three games, whre the rush? We need a ruser who will instill fear in offenses because they know he's coming. I'm sorry both Anwar & Bowman are both quite capable but we need more. Personally be need a big strong tackle and a sh***t disturber rush end. :oops:

The home open is this week, if we loose then we need to retool but if we win all will be forgotten. I belive to do this is a mistake, there're areas to be fixed and now with the revamped stadium we need to continue the momentum and stop being so predictable. Now is the time for management to start earing their pay. :x

While there are improvements/corrections to be made, I am nevertheless quite satisfied with our actual record of 2-1; before the beginning of the regular season,I was hoping/expecting that we would be,at best, at 1-2 after these 3 games. We had a though schedule; always difficult to win in Regina, Ricky Ray and his receivers have given us “fits” over the years and the last time we had won in BC was in 2000. For all these reasons 2-1 is great.

When we compare/look at other teams,we realize that there all have concerns/corrections to be made. Imagine if we were 0-3 or 1-3 what the comments would be.

Personnally,my main concern remain the defensive line,particularly the defensive tackles; hoping that we will get better in this area. Offensively,yes they could run more but Marc Trestman prefers the passing game almost 70% of the time; nothing we can do and he has passed the "test’ with high notes,so far.

With regards to Damon Duval,I am extremely surprised at all negatives comments “directed” at him or his wife or Mr.Smith;yes,he musy improve/correct mistakes, but he still remains one of the best K/P in the CFL. He is definitely not the reason why we lost a game; in fact, despite missed field goals, he is one of the factor in our win in BC.

Before the start of the regular season, I wrote,on june 4,2010, that I Would be extremely surprised if our final regular season record is above 11-7; I have not change my thinking. The Tiger-Cats will be our main “obstacle” in the East; us or them will finish first in the East. The game this Thursday, will definitely give us an idea of what to expect. Kevin Glen and his receivers,particularly Dave Stella,could/should have a great game agains us,unless we can control the ball for a good portion of the game. It should be a high scoring game.


Ce n'est pas tant le dossier de 2-1 qui dérange mais plutôt la façon dont les Alouettes l'ont forgé.

La défaite contre Saskatchewan était tout de même une grande partie de football, et n'eût été de l'erreur de débutant de Trestman (ne pas faire le placement à la fin de la deuxième demie parce qu'il croyait que c'était un deuxième essai au lieu d'un troisième essai), il n'y aurait peut-être pas eu de prolongation. En un sens, hormis le jeu contre la longue passe, cette partie donnait sa part de satisfaction.

Par contre, lors du match contre les Eskimos, les Alouettes ont été chanceux d'avoir un club aussi faible en avant d'eux, parce qu'ils ne jouaient pas bien. Ils se sont réveillés au quatrième quart et ont gagné la partie, mais pas de belle façon non plus. Au fait, les Eskimos ne sont plus ce qu'ils étaient et je crois que Macciocia joue son poste cette année.

La "victoire" contre les Lions a été celle du club qui a le moins mal joué. Si les Lions n'avaient pas été si amochés (surtout Printers), les Alouettes se seraient fait ramasser. La défensive a somme toute bien joué. Mais l'attaque faisait terriblement pitié.

Donc en fin de compte, le dossier de 2-1 peut être satisfaisant, mais pas le jeu des Alouettes.

En ce qui concerne Duval, je suis bien d'accord avec toi, Richard, que le fait de dire que s'il a encore son poste, c'est parce qu'il est le gendre de Larry Smith relève de la pure mesquinerie. Par contre, si on regarde son jeu depuis la dernière Coupe Grey, on voit que Duval en arrache beaucoup. Cette partie semble l'avoir déstabilisé et il doit se replacer vite, parce qu'il manque beaucoup trop de placements présentement. Ses placements de plus de 40 verges sont très hasardeux, plus que par le passé, pour ne le comparer qu'à lui-même.

En résumé, la défensive semble se diriger dans la bonne direction, mais l'offensive doit se replacer, particulièrement la ligne intérieure et Duval.

Je prédisais entre 12 et 14 victoires aux Alouettes cette année. C'est jeudi qu'on va voir ce qu'ils ont assez faim pour être champions dans l'Est encore cette année. On est devenus exigeants pour ce club, mais avec le talent qu'il y a dans cette équipe à tous les niveaux, il n'y a pas de raison pour qu'ils jouent comme si la saison n'était pas commencée. Espérons qu'ils finiront en force comme les Roughriders l'an dernier.

2-1 and should be 3-0 but got too loose in the 4th quarter in Saskatchewan.

Remember what the coach said, This is a journey an they will build over the season and see what they have. I think this is refreshing from the decade of fast starts and getting to the end of the line and not be able to finish because our guys are burned out and we have nothing in the playbook.

There is a lot of changes on this team when you factor 4 All Star starters have been replaced plus Ferri and Proux who have missed the 3 games, that's SIX starters replaced and we have a 16 rookies and second year cfler's on this team and our Kicker is in a funk can you imagine as these guys season a little this year !

We need to stand behind these guys and support their effort. Like Richard I'm thrilled they are coming back from this road trip 2-1, I've written on here before the start that even 1-2 was "ok".

Here is a list (feel free to correct) of first or second year players on this team

Tim Maypray
John Banks
Martin Bedard
MarcO Brouillette
DeAndre Dix
Brodeur Jourdain
Andrew Woodruff
Ramon Guzman
Jermaine McElveen
Jerald Brown
Mike Giffen
Pat McDonald
Dylan Steengergen
Kristian Matte
Billy Parker
Marcus Smith

Nothing personal against Damon Duval. He's just not a clutch kicker. This is a key position on a football team and he touches the ball more than any other player with the exception of the QB and Center. I don't think Damon will change he's 30 and he has a history of problems in post season/big games.

As far as the wife/father thing while I find Herb Zurkowsky sometimes cut throat, his writing has ALWAYS been accurate and he reported the issues in 2007 and I believe him, since not one kicker was brought to camp in 3 years to compete, Milo was not competition. .. Hell she (wife/daughter) even came on here and cursed out someone who let out of the bag that Duval had gotten her pregnant (with good reason). It is what it is

Duval could easily have lost us the B.C. game. He left 5 points on the board and almost missed the game-winning FG. In a close game where we were having all kinds of trouble in the red zone, you need your kicker to be money from 40 yards out. He's been brutal this season and it would be naive to think that his relationship with Larry Smith hasn't given him special status in the organization.

What happens if he continues to bomb? How much rope do you give him before exploring other options?

I dont think the Duval situation is as bad as the former Calgary owner Feterik making Jim Barker play his son at QB, but the perception is going to be there as long as Duval is struggling. He looks awfully nervous and somebody has to get him to just relax. Duval didnt dress for the first pre-season game, Popp brought in former LSU kicker Colt David. I just checked his stats for the game, 9 punts for 46.6 avg., 1 kickoff 72 yds., and his 33 yd. field goal attempt hit the goalpost (sounds familiar!). To me this was a decent enough performance to keep him around for a little while, but no he was released right after the game.
My bigger concern though remains the lack of speed/ explosiveness in the offense with the existing personnel. Too many of the same type of players. We don`t have what Sask. has with Dressler, Baggs, Cates, or even Edm. with Whitlock, Stamps.
Hopefully we will start working in Hawkins or Maypray.

I don't think our guys are slow. They just look it cause they are so damn athletic. I'd put my money on Green, Richardson, Bratton, Watkins against ALL of the Riders receivers except Dressler.

Im not saying the Als receivers are slow ( well maybe Cahoon), and they are certainly athletic. And they dont all have to have blazing speed. But we need 1 or 2 more breakaway threats at receiver or in the backfield - its very difficult to march down the field and score TDs in 12 - 15 yard increments. S.J. Green made a fabulous catch, but he was basically double-covered. Even Ham. opened up their offense by using Thigpens explosiveness in the backfield against Wpg. We started to show some explosiveness at the end of last season using Hawkins, and we have to find a way to do it again as our offense has become very easy to defend.

Unless it has been lifted, Colt David-K- was suspended by the Als,rather than released, on June 15,2010. -CFL Transactions-This way we keep his rights. If there is no improvements in Damon's play,we could always put Colt David on the practice roster.

I also agree that we lack breakaway speed; we have fast players but most of them are not in "class" of Stamps,Campbell,Simon, Bruce,Bagg in terms of speed. We don't often see receptions of 40 or more yards; yes, we see 15 to 20 yards +yards after the catch but not 40 +. Easier to defend. Maypray could be "put to contrebution more",at least I hope.

Hoping that improvements in offense,defense and kicking will be in order next Thursday.


When are they going to give Nick Morin Soucy a shot? Im sure he cant do any worse than anybody we got now.

Richard, you think Rob Bagg has better speed than Kerry Watkins?

I'm with Hfx, I'd put my money on Watkins, Bratton, Richardson, and Green over any Sask receiver except Dressler.

Honestly, folks, there's nothing wrong with our receiver speed. Have we forgotten the first half of game one this season, when we torched Saskatchewan's secondary repeatedly with the deep ball? Our receivers can go deep with the best of them. It's just that:

  1. Our coaches are reluctant to stretch the field vertically more than once or twice per game, which is odd, because we usually gain big yardage or draw PI penalties when we attack other teams' defenses with the long ball.

  2. Our O-line has had trouble giving Calvillo the time and throwing lanes to find those deep routes. When your QB is consistently getting pressured up the middle, it's nigh impossible for him to hit, for example, deep posts or corners with any accuracy, because he can't step into his throw and doesn't have a proper throwing lane.

  3. Calvillo, at age 37, isn't a gun-slinger with a cannon arm who can always flick the ball 40 yards downfield whenever the pocket breaks down. On deep balls, he tends to underthrow his targets which frequently lets the DB fight back to the ball and break the play up.

Excusez-moi. Je voulais dire à la fin de la première demie.