Offense and the new system...

Ok, so I have to admit I was speechless after last Friday's game. I thought I would take a few days to mull it over.

One part of me thought the playcalling was atrocious. The same part also felt that AC was awful, that Fritz got burned all night, even Mudge was bad (the pressure seemed to come from the edges, not the middle). It reminded me of the last game the Als lost to the Green Riders at our stadium (a 13-7 loss in 2001). In that game in 2001, like last Friday's game (except for a few missed tackles), the defense was stellar. But the offense could do nothing right. The difference is, in that 2001 loss, a guy named Dan Gonzalez was the QB (ok, who remembers him!?). I never expected a team with AC to fail so miserably on offense.

I have heard all of the players and coaches explain WHY the offense did not work (3 step drops vs 5 step drops, etc). OK, maybe it was all technical, and the guys will get it sorted out. But, I wonder, is it normal for AC to not know how many steps to drop back on a given play (he is a veteran)? Is it normal for the Offensive line to be unable to protect on 5 step plays? Is it normal for the offense to be this rusty after 3 weeks of training camp and one week of regular practice?

After 4 weeks, if they are that far behind, it is a little scary...

Two questions: can SOME guys on the O Line still play (I think Fritz will never be better than average, maybe Perrett should step in).
Has AC, although younger than Damon Allen, reached the end of his rope (or maybe he only works in a pass first offense).

With the exceptions of Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton, ALL offenses looked a bit rusty in the first week.

Calvillo is not the one to blame, he didn't play bad at all.