Offense 2012

Never too early to start talking about the upcoming season!

So, with a new OC in Marcus Brady and the strong possibility of McPherson receiving more quality playing time, what can we expect from our offense in 2012?

Personally, I'd like to see Adrian get a set of plays every game. Maybe he comes in after Anthony has just moved the chains for a first down and we run a series of option run plays with a double RB set in the backfield. Or maybe he stays on the field after converting a second or third and short. Or maybe he comes in for a second and short and has the green light to go deep off play-action if he sees the defense cheating too close to the LOS.

Generally speaking, I'd like to see the offense return to short-passing ball control offense. I like the deep ins to Richardson and Green but only occasionally. Do that too much and the defense just takes away the intermediate routes while Anthony gets face-planted. It also puts a lot of physical strain on Jamel and S.J. when they repeatedly get drilled by the deep safety coming over the middle of the field. I want to see more short passes of less than 10 yards, particularly short outside curls (Whitaker and Bratton), shallow crosses / quick hitches (Richardson, Green, and Watkins if he's still around), and quick slants (Richardson and London). I'd also like to see London used more frequently as a deep threat.

I'd like to see Adrian start every third game. Give a week off to AC after every two weeks of work. Let Adrian handle the week of practice and prepare as a starter for those six games and evaluate as you go all that being conditionnal to him signing a 2 year extension.

Having Adrian come into games is messy, there is only so much practice time and it won't give AC a break.

Aside from that I'd like to see more attention given to special teams. I am really hoping Mike O'shea accepts Coach Trestman's offer and that we give more importance to special teams when setting the roster.

I agree with both you guys !

No doubt about it, Special Teams should be a BIG priority this coming season.

Yes, the time is 2012 to give Adrian an active role in the team's offense. Actually, I believe that his unique skills have been neglected, and its now or ever to provide him with playing time. In addition I do trust that the team management should carefully review the potential candidates for the upcoming draft. The prime need, in my opinion, is for a Canadian receiver. In recent drafts this team neglected the opportunity of acquiring some outstanding candidates who have since excelled in the CFL.

There are a couple receivers that are very interesting prospects but we haven't used a NI receiver since Coach Trestman's been around and I don't see that changing.. There is a lot of Olinesmen Dlinesmen in this draft, Considering most teams are desperate for Canadian olinesmen there might be some excellent dlinesmen available to Montreal.

Considering how things have shaken out, it's a blessing in disguise that Milanovich took Himebauch with him to Toronto, so we had time to bring in his replacement and hire Brady as OC. Now Toronto is without an offensive coordinator & o-line coach. I'm glad Marcus stayed. He's paid his dues in the organization, and has done a great job with our receivers over the past three years. He's ready to take the next step. Interestingly, he thinks risk-taking might be part of how our offense can improve going forward:

Brady isn’t yet certain how he’ll leave his stamp on the offence, but would like to see more consistency in the scoring zone. “We took more chances (against Hamilton). Maybe because it was the playoffs. Maybe that’s the mentality we need,? he said.

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Well, he certainly hit the nail on the head about lack of production in the red zone (or whatever the h--- people call it these days!); we left waaay too many points on the field last season. I agree with the posts about AD taking a more active role under centre. I certainly hope AC understands that his star is fading and that he has to be a mentor to AD just like Tracy Ham was to him.

The O, under Brady and AD at the helm, will be a very different O. It looks as if we have most of our O-line back intact, so that's a positive move. We have proven work horses at the receiving corps and I hope that a healthy and ready-to-go Whitaker shows up in fine shape in TC.

The question mark, for me, is the D. We have lost two veteran O-linemen. We definitely need to have a number of blitz packages this season and execute them well. Our battered secondary will return, but in what shape?

Should be an interesting campaign, but I think there will definitely be bumps in the road while we transition over to the new look Als.

The Argos do have an offensive line coach. He is Stephen McAdoo-former Als OL coach- and he has been there since 2010. The Als did speak with him/offered him a position,but he decided to remain in Toronto/with the Argos.


Right, forgot about McAdoo. They still have no OC, though, right?

Exactly,no offensive coordinator.


And that's fair. They don't have much of an offence to coordinate, after all.

From my perspective, we have had too many American receivers on the team and we always had to sit one out. I would suggest one of these import receivers be cut ( Watkins is gone) and, we use that Import position on the defensive side which is an area of concern. This would be especially important to draft a CIS receiver. In addition the team has had a non import receiver on the team for the last 5 years- Desriveaux. The problem was he was too small and, was ineffectual. Obtaining a good NI receiver and, with one of the extra import transferred to defensive team we would achieve greater balance. We scored many points last year- but could not defend sufficiently.

You know what's curious to me is that Reinebold got news about an opening with the Als from Milanovich. Yet when Himebauch left, Milanovich said he had a backup plan, that was over a month ago. Did Montreal hire his backup plan ???

Well, judging from our draft picks today, it seems highly unlikely that Deslauriers will win a starter's spot this season. Not one receiver drafted, and only one offensive player (RB). Looks to me like it will be business as usual as far as our NI starters goes: 5 O-linemen, safety, and two wildcards on D who can play multiple positions (MLB or safety).

Correction, we did draft an O-lineman in the final round.

While I agree that it would be good to get Adrian more time, I would like to remind everybody that makes this essentially a two quarterback system. Generally two quarterback systems NEVER work. I repeat they NEVER work. What the Als need to do is get Adrian goal-line snaps in running situations -- pretty much what they have been doing. They also need to get Adrian in there when they get out to a nice lead or when they are behind by a bunch (hopefully with a nice lead). They also need to go to Adrian when AC looks like he is not on his game and they need to go there quickly. They also need to make sure that AC is fresh by not making him take all the first team snaps -- in other words get Adrian in there more often. Sounds easy -- I doubt it...

Your absolutely correct but the Als are in a very particular situation and a victim of their own success in a way. To go from a 12 year starter at QB to a new guy will be very traumatic for the organization. I've come to the conclusion that AC looks at this on a season by season basis and management will react accordingly. Also a lot of it depends on Adrian's own play. If he comes to camp determined to take the job and sets the world on fire it changes things.

Agree on the 2 QB system.

However, and I have posted this before, this is a transition season in many ways. It is likely AC's final hurrah, and AD either has to get in some meaningful reps at some point, or head for greener pastures.

While substituting QBs is always an awkward affair, there have been spectacular success stories in the CFL as well. One of our posters mentioned that the jury is still out on AD; he has looked absolutely mah-vellous in one game, only to be rather ordinary in another. We can only ever know the true value of AD's talents when he gets to start and finish games on a more regular basis. We have seen his cannon of an arm, but not always the accuracy required. We know what he can do with his feet, but he can't do that on a regular basis. We need to see him perform with the whole playbook open to him. We also need to see how he will react under fire, with various blitz packages coming at him, blanket coverage...etc.

It would be a shame, in my opinion, to see him start next season (assuming AC hangs 'em up after this season) only to find out that he is only a mediocre QB, which would mean a season with a great number of losses while the Als go on a desperate search for a starting QB. So, for my two cents' worth - you have AD now - so play him! Seeing him perform more regularly will at least allow the Als braintrust to know whether to build the future around AD or go looking for AC's replacement right away.

Patrick Lavoie a aussi joué comme receveur et sur les unités spéciales. Également, c'est un gars qui peut bloquer.

Je ne serais pas surpris s'il réussissait avant longtemps à se tailler un poste comme centre-arrière régulier. C'est un joueur solide, costaud et versatile. Il sait attraper, courir avec le ballon, couvrir les bottés. C'est un gaillard pour ce genre de poste, mais il a tout de même une bonne vitesse. Diedrick et Carter vieillissent, et on ne peut pas dire que Carter a été impresionnant la saison dernière.

À mon sens, si les Alouettes cherchaient vraiment un receveur, ils auraient sélectionné Aprile, Charbonneau-Campeau ou Bamba avant Lavoie. Les Alouettes, à mon sens, ont opté pour un joueur qui avait plus de chances de contribuer bientôt à l'équipe tant ses aptitudes sont diversifiées. Également, lorsqu'on suit le parcours de Lavoie et qu'on interprète ce que Constantin en a dit, c'est un joueur qui n'a pas plafonné. De ce point de vue, c'est sûrement un élément qui a joué en sa faveur par rapport à Charbonneau-Campeau.

Si les Alouettes ont converti avec succès un quart-arrière en maraudeur, je ne vois pas pourquoi ils ne pourraient pas convertir un gars comme Lavoie en demi défensif ou en secondeur si nécessaire. Bref, avec Lavoie, ils ont plusieurs options à leur disposition.