Some how we won with 163 yards passing...just not going to be enough.This is in no way being critical of Henry but for a lot of the calls(3rd & 2 & a stupid run up the middle...anyone ever heard of an option play?)...the passing timing is coming but with Smith & his 340yds. and the other night Ray with 505yds. I just don't see our luck going in the right direction( refs )....regular season games maybe won with very little offense but not in the playoffs. I'm thrilled with the win and some great defense when we really needed it, but all I'm saying is that in the next 2 weeks we have a lot of work to do...Cheers everyone!

Without question the offence needs to be tweaked in order to get Gable to make the necessary runs when required. The Bad Henry needs to find a way to get more passing yards without interceptions. I realize Tasker and Ellingson are injured, however the scheme needs to be adjusted. I'm hoping Austin and Condell can re-adjust the offence so we can bring it to the other teams (Montreal) and hopefully TO.

Perhaps you should have titled this thread "Passing Offense' rather than "Offense" since you neglected half of the offense, the run.


Montreal has #1 run defense allowing 82 yds /game and 4.7 yds/carry
Hamilton had 148 yds rushing and avergaed 7.4 carry in the win last week.

Given the beating the Als laid on the tabbies 2 weeks ago, and considering the strange, hard fought, mistake filled win on Saturday, I think it's fair to say that the Als are a unique opponent. Kudos to the coaching staff that devised a way to run on them, thereby rendering the blitzing defense more ineffective than usual.

I think Ausitn and and coaching staff will know how to prepare against the next opponents, Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto.

You forgot to add Calgary to that list! :smiley:

And i thought including Toronto was being slightly brash.

You got balls! tcmik predicts Hamilton vs Calgary in the Grey Cup! :slight_smile:

I like to think of it as being the eternal optimist “CaptainKirk” !

Well put...I didn't mean anything negative towards the running game which was done very well...and the threat and production of a running quarterback is an added bonus.