Glenn actually is good, and hes young, he's got tons of potential and with Doug Berry i think he will unlock it and could be a 5000 yrd qb, with our recieving corp and our offensive line(which allowed the third fewest sacks last season) plus roberts to pass to out of the back field it may be possible. if u read up on Doug Berry or have already, he could definately do it for Kevin!

as above i said our line allowed the 3rd fewest sacks in the league last year

we have roberts to rush for 1500 plus yards

our recieving corp. so far has the likes of chris brazell, milt stegal, AJ lll, Jamie Stoddard and hopefully colon. colon has amazing potential also and is canadian, i wouldnt be suprised if given the chance, he got close to 1 000. he grabs everything!

if u read the defense post ull see our D is looking good to, i think were lookin great!

what do u guys think?

We need Kahari Jones or Kerry Joseph.

Kahari Jones no thanks

we dont need a QB, Glenns good enough

last year he didnt have a Defense to work with, he didnt have a QB to push him, the offensive line was changed around everygame for half the season, we only had one go to guy being milt, our recievers in the first half were terrible, consisting of maggarity and peterson. and once we got brazell he got hurt right away anywase. plus he never had a vet QB to learn from or a good QB coach to coach him. he still threw for 3500 yards and led the league in TD's even though he had all that working against him and missed three games.

now we have an updated recieving corps, our line will be stable, we have doug berry now who coached calvio to a 6000 yard passing season, and calvio used to suck. and he was the 4th qb in cfl history to accomplish that. we have a good defence, and Quinn to push him for his job. he's gonna have a great year, ull see.

...Kanga....don't believe all of the posters from other clubs ...who are really only judging Glenns performance of last year....ON A HORRIBLY COACHED AND UNINSPIRED OFFENSIVE SCHEME....that the Bombbers suffered through last season....Glenn has a lot of ability and potential...Berry will take him to a new level in can be sure of that....Kevins numbers weren't all that bad for a team that were as bad or worse than the Ti-Cats last year...and Hamilton had a guy at qb. by the name of McManus ....whose experience far out-weighs Glenns....and look where they ended up...Its a team effort....given the proper protection for a whole season could end up being the the improvements the BigBlue have made this year...Khari was good in his day,,,he's done.....Joseph is best ....the equivalent to Glenn.....So I think we should stick with the guy we got....till he proves to the coaches and fans he dosen't have what it takes to be a genuine winner.. or is another up and coming Calvillo....We are soon going to find out.. :arrow: .

we need another NI at receiver who can be a regular starter and contribute each week..........IMO Stoddard is a good fifth, but not a regular, I think Colon can be the guy.......lets hope his head isnt getting too large and he re-signs soon........the only other need is an oline man, Goodspeed is close to re-signing and probably will, but he is import, another NI starting on the line would be most welcome........either way the offense is looking great as it did for most of last season when Glenn was in........

when im able to play in the cfl i guarentee il be a gamebreaking reciver

at school im way too fast for everyone

[quote="123James321"]we dont need a QB, Glenns good enough
Sorry, can't agree with you at all. Glenn has shown ocassional brilliance, but I wouldn't count on him to take us to the Grey Cup. I hope I'm wrong.

whats your name? so I remember when your in the CFL…

i like that dermination

I just hope he can catch!

We just punted all those pesky Stamp fans from here............and now the Als are moving in.......I guess they dont like the company in the East now.........

relax i can catch and oh by the way the name's michael centeno

i might not be able to ply till 2010 or somewhere around that

thats because ur silly. if u were watching closely enough last season, and considerd all the facts… u should agree Glenns good enough. the only way we’d need a new QB is if it were Printers, i would love to have printers on our team, a young scrambling 5000 yard QB, with our recieving corps. running Back, O-line and D this year. i think we could have a stellar season, a huge season! it would be quite amazing IMO. but i still think Glenn has the potential to become a marquee QB. theres no excuses this season, if he doesnt become a marquee QB this season, ill be right there with you or anyone else who thinks we need a new QB.

I don't think Glenn is capable of leading his team into the playoffs against Allen, Calvillo, and Maas. And since he's really injury prone I have a feeling you won't even be seeing him most of the year.


Not only that esks, but you will see him be replaced as the starter as the season goes along. Banks will get his shot as a starter, and possibly after the bombers first third of the season is done.

so wrong. glenn will be starter all season barring(sp) injury. he’s alot better than he gets credit for. wait until week 2 before you start saying he’ll get replaced.

Yogi, he wont get credit for being a better QB until he can prove he can start and be consistent in this league. He has been erratic his whole career, even when he was here. If he can step up and do the job that is required of him, then I will be the first to say that he is a better QB than I thought.

Joseph had a chance to pull the Gades from the fire...last year..
Towards the end of the year ...he was average at best...
Or just maybe..his O line let him down...who Knows..?
Like I said...he is a good scrambler...just his on field judgement, is ..?