Offence wins more championships than defence.

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Does Defense Win Championships in the #CFL? Of course they do, but not as much as Offenses!
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22.22 per cent of the champions were teams that led the CFL in points for during the regular season, while only 16.67 per cent were teams that had the best defence by points against. We're looking at 36 total champions here, so we can convert these percentages into numbers of teams by multiplying them by 36.

Thus, there were eight champions who led the regular season in points for, six who led in points against, six who led in both, and 16 who didn't lead in either category. Two more teams that were tops on offence alone won than teams who were tops on defence alone, which isn't necessarily huge, but it does suggest there may be something here. Here's a year-by-year look at when Grey Cup champion teams led the league in offence, defence, both or neither.[/b]

I dont know about that, remember the 2012 ticats? Ticats score 42, opponent scores 45. Ticats score 50, opponents score 52. Ticats score 36, opponent scores 41. Crazy offensive records with Casey Creehans swiss cheese defense.

What would be interesting to see is how Grey Cup champs rated on offence vs. defence in their championship season. That would give a better hint on which, if either, was more important. Of course so much of a Grey Cup win can be getting hot at the right time.

I suppose the idea here is that a great offence combined with a half-decent defence will beat a great defence combined with a half-decent offence more often than not. Neither a great offence nor a great defence by itself is going to do very well, as 2012 showed.

one thing we know, defense won the superbowl :slight_smile:

who would have thought we would ever say that about a peyton manning led team

...have to agree with the OP's point though...never heard of any team winning with a score of zero...

ever heard of any team winning with the opposition scoring zero?? in the end it's the offense that wins, which is the OP's point...

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Comparing the actual off-season rosters, there are huge differences between some teams. For instance, Ottawa and Saskatchewan have rosters of 82 players, Hamilton has only 56. Calgary 58, Edmonton 59 . Winnipeg has 80,Montreal 77, BC and Toronto 68 each.


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