Offence offside rule

For give my ignorance but I've always been under the impression that anyone in motion was aloud to be in the neutral zone when the ball is snapped.
Is that not correct?

The "Eglaard Rule".

Unfortunately, when our recievers are 3 steps beyond the LOS...

Nobody is allowed in the neutral zone. That's why it's neutral.

It used to be that a receiver in the backfield (in motion or not) had to be behind the line of scrimmage at the snap. If he was on the line of scrimmage at the snap he was considered an ineligible receiver (if the WR was on the line to his outside. If the WR was to the inside of the "motion man", the WR would now become ineligible).
The "Elgaard rule" has relaxed this, as now a receiver in motion can be at the line at the snap and still be eligible. But if he's over it he's still offside.

thanks guys