Offence needs major improvement

Its plain and simple. The offence needs drastic improvements if they plan on winning any games this season. To average less than 1 td per simply pathetic and not good enough especially when the D is gonna make the mistakes they are making. I cant say im displeased with the D cause they gave us the chance to win but taffe needs to get the O!

oh i know they didnt do anything tonight :roll:

I don't think the offence as a whole needs major improvement. Previously I was complaining about the offensive line and recievers. Now the offensive line seems to have jelled, Lumsden is tearing things up and Maas has enough time to get things done more often than not.

Its the recievers that need an improvement now, they need to start catching and fighting for balls that are questionable. If not, maybe its time to start thinking about trades, or utilizing Holmes in more of a recieving role. Either way, we lack medium range passes and a deep threat right now I think. Fix the recievers and our offence is deadly scary.

If you can get the job done by rushing then rush the ball. You take what the other team gives you. If we can get 200 yards rushing and 200 passing - great 400 yards offence.
Better than 340 yards passing and 20 rushing.

More rushing means more time eaten off the clock, and longer for our defense to rest.

It's our QB that leadsthe offens to a measely TD per game and that my friends is Jason Maas >Let,s start right there and see what happens if Chang gets a start !

Jason Mass Enginneered a close game yes His pass percentage is down but i don’t care if your Payton Manning or Doug Flutie your not going to get good numbers when your recieving yards are down yes Timmy Chang has tallent but lets let the guy learn a little bit instead of baptising him under fire like we did with Cavillo plus even against montreal Chang through one touchdown pass a few completions and that was it he over through all his recievers when it was clutch time Bottom Line Jason Is TODAY Timmy Is for Tomorrow Enough QB controversy AND CONGRADULATIONS ON BEING THE ONLY TIME THUS FAR IN THE SEASON TO COME EVEN CLOSE TO BEATING THE LIONS AND THE IMPROVEMENTS WERE TREMENDOUS AND JASON IS THE MAN

Well said knight.

Agreed. At the rate this team is improving, we are going to have a lot of fun at Ivor Wynne. Let the team continue to improve and give Mass time!

Yeah!! We lost by 4 points!! It's celebration time!
Let's give Maas time--maybe another year and a half. It wasn't his fault again. It's never his fault.

you cannot learn if you don't play. If you think you can learn by watching then you need a QB that makes good decisions to show the rookie how its done. We don't have that, Maas makes terrible decisions and therefore is doing nothing in the development process of the 2 backups