Offence Equal in CFL and NFL


[b]MYTH: There is more offence and more scoring in the CFL than the NFL.
Maybe once upon a time that was a true. It isn’t anymore. The No. 1 offensive team in the CFL, the Calgary Stampeders average 29 points a game and 375 yards of offence. The No. 1 offensive team in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts, average 31 points a game, 452 yards of offence.

Where the CFL has it over the NFL is in the return game — on kickoffs, punts and missed field goals. There is almost no kickoff return game in the NFL anymore.
But on offence alone, in terms of total yardage, nine NFL teams move the ball for more yards than do the Stampeders.

And it’s not just this season. Last year, Calgary led the CFL with 383 yards of offence per game. Seven NFL teams had more — including Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos, who put up 457 yards of offence per game. There are more four- and five-receiver sets in the NFL than ever before — a clear copy of what the CFL has been doing for years.

What is close: The average scoring per team in the NFL and CFL is almost identical at 23 points per game this season and the worst teams, Ottawa in the CFL, Oakland and Jacksonville in the NFL, average just over 15 a game.[/b]

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I think the main reason for this is the way the clock is run in the CFL compared to the NFL. NFL teams usually run 60-65 offensive plays a game, while CFL teams usually run 45-55.

I think it's the other way around, there is only 20 seconds in between the plays in the CFL, the nfl has 40 seconds in between plays.

Simmons failed to mention that 25 NFL teams gained fewer yards than the Stamps last year per game, despite CFL teams having only 3 downs and executing 10 to 15 fewer offensive plays per game. Obviously the Stamps yardage per play far surpasses the NFL average...even the exalted Manning. Sure the NFL has copied the CFL's 4 and 5 receiver sets (why no 6-packs?), but add in the exciting punt and kickoff returns...the CFL wins hands down. :thup:

Yes, but about 10 seconds runs off the clock before the ref blows play in, and in the NFL, every time a guy goes out of bounds, or there is an incomplete pass or penalty, the clock stops until the snap. In the CFL, that only applies in the last 3 minutes of a half. During the rest of the game, it stops until the ref blows in the play and then starts again.

Trust me. Check out the box scores. NFL runs way more offensive plays per game. The 20 second clock that the CFL falsely claims keeps the game faster paced is B.S. As I said, at least 10 seconds usually get run between the end of a play, and the time the ref blows in the next play, all the while, the clock is running if the previous play was stopped with the ball in the field of play.

Take for example Thursday's Denver vs San Diego game. San Diego ran 58 offensive plays and Denver 65. I defy you to find a CFL game in the last 3 years in which 123 offensive plays were run.

And in today's Houston/Tennessee game, Tennessee ran 56 plays while Houston ran a whopping 80 plays.

By Contrast, total number of offensive plays run in the CFL this week:

Montreal 55, Ottawa 35 for a total of 90
Calgary 51, Saskatchewan 48 for a total of 99
Hamilton 48, Toronto 59 for a total of 107 (very high number these days)
B.C 55, Winnipeg 44 for a total of 99

Now, sacks aren't factored in, but you rarely see 10 sacks in a game as you did in the BC/Winnipeg game.

So basicly…there is a lot of punting in the CFL… Why is jot then that we are subjected to horrible punting in this league. Every punter should be an import if it is such an important position.

Wow - soon as someone mentions the NFL, Xyvs wakes up and starts his usual NFL rants.

Well there sure was a lot of fun to watch offence in the Steelers - Colts game today. Roethlisberger's 6 TD passes and 522 yards performance was awesome. His passes were spot on all game. Luck for the Colts was pretty good too throwing for 400 yards and throwing for 3 TD's.

Roethlisberger may demand the Steelers wear their third uniforms every game.

Their 3rd uniforms are 'interesting' to say the least. Will we see the Ti-Cats looking like this with their 'signature' uniform in some future season? I do love the socks - lol

Hey Travel, fans that saw this type of game as "fun" would often say in the past when it was a CFL game it was a joke, the CFL was just a form of basketball and laugh. :wink:
Now when offences are having trouble with the 3 down game, the CFL offences are "not fun" and are simply no good. :wink:

"Spot on" only works in the NFL for some fans at times, it seems, in the CFL it would just be "spot the joke". :wink:

Hey Earl - the first football games I went to were Ti-Cats games when they had amazing defences with players like Mosca, Barrow and Henley etc - so I can very much appreciate excellent defence. But I also can recognize an amazing offensive performance when I see one too - and that is what I saw today - and have seen more often this season in NFL games than I have in CFL games.

I think anybody who is a fan of both leagues would agree with that. It simply has not been a very good year for the CFL in that regard overall and I for one hope it is just a blip and not a new normal.

Agree, defence has been more dominant in the CFL this year than past. But the Cats/Argos game yesterday was amazing to watch in my books even if it didn't have tons of scoring.

Hey, just watched Countdown U on Cable 14, roundup of CIS games. Here's a 3 down OUA game between Western and Guelph that had a lot of offense, that's for sure. 49-46 Guelph.

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Yup that Guelph - Western game was awesome sounding and isn’t it an absolute shame that was not available on TV other than local cable access channels. That undoubtedly would have been the OUA game of the week if Sportsnet360 or somebody else carried OUA football this year.

It's sad to admit that a lot of NFL games have been better than the CFL games this year. The CFL needs to seriously look at how to improve the on-field product going forward.

Don't know what the answer is, but my first guess would be the players are not as good. Where's the talent this year? seems just not enough good players. Picking the top player in the CFL is going to be difficult.
They have to increase the number of imports and reduce Canadians - no question about that and I think that will happen next year.
Holding penalties?? are the refs calling too many? are the refs ruining our CFL?

I still believe that scores are down because more and more teams are taking the Rich Stubler thought process on defence. That would be to not allow big plays in the air, as you are definitely seeing a lot more 3 deep zones accross the league. Quarterbacks are being forced to check down a lot more, and the odds of a team putting together 12 play drives in the CFL are not great.

As I mentioned on the Cats forum, it's 99.9 percent about winning the 102nd Grey Cup this year and being crowned national champs of Canada. The entertainment aspect is the extra .1 percent. :wink:

I don't care if the Cats play the most boring football of all time, if they win the Cup they will have achieved their goal, and my goal as a fan, of being the Grey Cup champs.

But to each his own, for some it's all about what they consider entertainment, personal choice.

And they aren't going deep because most teams don't have a strong enough "O" line to give the QB enough protection to set, the QBs are dumping off with the short passes because that's all the time they have to get rid of the ball.
Most teams still loading up the "O" line with Canadians so they can play the imports at the "skilled" positions, they are trying to stop they faster, stronger "D" linemen from blowing past them.
It seems to me like the sack totals are at an all time high this year.

L'article comporte sa propre explication.

Il y a le fair catch chez nos voisins du sud, et pas ici. Se pourrait-il que cela donne de plus longs terrains à traverser, et par conséquent plus de verges à franchir?

Ensuite, il y a un travers. L'article ne s'attache qu'à une saison, et seulement aux deux équipes de pointe en matière offensive. Il me semble que la moindre des choses serait de regarer la chose depuis, disons, 7 ans, et en tenant compte de toutes les équipes.

Finalement, il y a des vagues entre les grandes périodes offensives et les grandes périodes défensives. Présentement, nous sommes dans une période où les défensives sont plus compétitives, notamment par l'ajout de joueurs dans l'alignement. Également, le fait que les punitions d'obstruction peuvent maintenant être révisés vient légèrement affecter les rendements des attaques en termes de points.

Bref, le prisme de l'auteur donne plus un miroir déformant qu'un portrait de la réalité qu'il tente de contredire.

The league's talent got diluted with the addition of the Redblacks, as that created many job opportunities throughout the league. It should be better next year, as this year's new guys will have added experience and those who simply couldn't cut it ( I'm looking at every Ottawa receiver) won't be back and will be replaced with new guys.
It will be better next year and even better the year after.

I wouldn't worry about it unless it is still bad next year.