......Like day and night....I wondered when the lack of offence would catch up to us...Horrible playcalling on Labour Day....Our D needs more than what that pitiful effort offered in Sask...Is it coaching???Is it the players????O Line need? a shake-up????..We definitely have solid receivers....Where's the game plan to utilize them????Ain't been there so far this year...If i were a defensive player on the Bombers i would be suing the offence for NON-SUPPORT...AND please Lapo ...get a bloody return game...If we have a guy in Tim Brown that can do it...let's see it...The mystery surrounding this guy is becoming an embarrassment...If he's a player and he's healthy ..PLAY HIM FOR CRIPES SAKE....He certainly can't be worse than what we have fielded so far this year....Poor field position is costing this team BIG TIME....It's been staring the Bombers in the face for awhile now....Fail to correct and give this offence a much needed break will only result in more of the same which we witnessed on Labour Day
One other aside and it has to do with challenges and that's on Lapo...Why wasn't the spot challenged when it was so obvious that Reid had picked up that first down...Was Lapo saving that challenge for the fifth quarter :thdn: Bad mistake...Couldn't see an ything i liked about this team last game...(except maybe Kito starting to show something)..I hope we are better on Banjo Day... :roll:

Agreed that the BB needs some serious offensive adjustment. While thoroughly enjoying my Rider's victory, I found myself tensing up on every one of our offensive series. The way the Bombers Defense explodes off the line is frightening. They are the strongest D-unit I have seen in a long time, but until the BB get an offense that can make things happen in its own right, I do not see the them getting to the show. Besides the two long throws by Pierce late, I saw very little offensively that showed any promise.

With that said...anything can happen in the Banjo Bowl. Can't wait.

As many Bomber fans feel, that Labour Day game was extremely disappointing and to some extent just damn embarassing.

The team as Lapo said on CJOB after the game was not good in all three phases of the game. The offense has been scoring enough (isn't it around 25--29 pts on avg per game) and to see not one offensive TD is very sad. I wonder what has happened to the draw play as the Riders rush was fierce and I would think that the draw play or the screen pass might have at least made them pause for a second. If it doesn't work, ok, but at least try something different.

I would like to see Thomas Jeffers Harris get another shot and sit down another import either on offense or defense that could open a spot on the game day roster for him. That could give them the opportunity to show a six receiver set of Edwards, Poblah, Watson, Carr, Jeffers Harris and Denmark. I'd like to see that for a couple of plays.

The oline has been the brunt of some harsh scrutiny and to some extent it is deserved based on the ability to open holes for the run game. At times an inability to handle the pass rush long enough to alow time for Pierce and time for the receivers to break free of coverage. Running inside has been non existent for the most part and the failure to get third and one yard or less is inexcusable in my book.

The defense and maybe after this game will stop reading their press clippings and just go out and play , letting their play speak for themselves and not their mouths. Never tell anybody how good you are, just show them. That is powerful enough. Lots of humble pie to eat this week by all the players and coaches alike. In the Sask game Getzlaf made the secondary look very average and along with Baker and Hill made them look a touch lead footed. The linebackers were almost invisible except when Kent was getting his jockstrap handed to him on pass coverage and JoLo played a below par game in my opinion. The D-Ends were constantly out of their lanes and didn't contain and the interior didn't get much push up front.

Special teams were lacklustre and perhaps the insertion of Tim Brown this week might be cause for a more optimistic outlook on the return game because Johnson, Beasley and the rest of them aren't getting it down consistently. I'm still nervous everytime Palardy attempts a FG, his Kick-offs are medicorce (yes I know there was a wind, but not every game) and Renaud is great directionally on punts but I'd like to see some more booming punts out of him.

If Durant as they say was calling his own plays then Tim Burke was out coached by the Qb this game and Ritche Hall had the Bomber offense bamboozled. Based on the defense in both the Edmonton/Calgary game and Hamilton/Montreal game the Bomber defense didn't look like a number one defense last game.

Yes they have won seven games and a record of 7-2 would have been unthinkable at the beginning of the year and for that reason alone many fans should feel satisfied. Now the bar has been raised, along with expectations of at worst, a playoff berth and hopefully a good chance at finishing first and securing a bye to the eastern final. I'm confident this was only a blip and that the team will improve on this last performance. They have plenty of things that need improving and I trust that this team will make the necessary adjustments to avoid a sloppy, uninspired perfromance that we witnessed Labour Day. That type of performance will hopefully not repeat itself anytime more this season. :oops: :frowning: :? :cry: :x

  1. We all knew we weren't going to go undefeated on the road this season;
  2. We all knew that our record for the past 10 years or so at the LDC game sucked;
  3. We were going into this game basically blind because of the coaching change - as Tim Burke said all their consistencies from the first 8 games went out the window (and that does apply defensively as well as offensively);
  4. We all knew that sooner or later we were going to have a bad game and, personally, I'd rather it be in the LDC game than against a division opponent.

Do we need to improve and play better - yes and I believe we will. Having one bad game isn't reason to panic or anything.

Papa, please give one example of a challenge of a spot ever being successful? It wasn't "obvious" that Reid had made the first down. Personally, I don't think he did and, obviously, the Bombers' personnel watching the replay didn't think it was obvious either or they would have told Lapo to challenge it.

For the record, I don't think Reid got it either, but at that point in the game, who the heck cares. You have to challenge that. Him not getting it was game over and it was close enough that you never know.