Offence, Defence and the dirty word - Special Teams.

When the season started we knew that our D had vastly improved thanks to a better system with Greg Marshall.

But in this offensive minded CFL game, a team can't make the playoffs purely on Defence... The opposition will figure out a way to beat you...

The other thing we knew was that we had some talent at QB, RB and some good recievers with speed. The weakness was going to be the offensive line.

The final thing known was that our Kicking game was very questionable.

If this was all known why the hell have they not tried to address such things instead on the stoooooooooooooooooooooopid ideas of bringing in NFL caliber QB's ????

Here's a breakdown on the season so far:

-Gades come out of the gates pretty aggressive and surprise a bunch of teams... It's still early thought and it's normal that D performs well early in the season.

-Gades make small adjustments on the oline and have some running success. The play calling is improved and as mentioned again, we surprise some teams...

-Suddenly it's looking like the Gades are for real and team start playing them like so and they begin to falter.

-O's offence is less and less productive, Joseph struggles due to pass protection and new schemes that confuse him.

-The running game and Ranek is put on the back burner as the Gades play from behind - thus the need to air it our - thus the reason Joseph throws so many INT's.

  • Since the O play so much 2 and out Offence the Gades D is on the field too much and all CFL teams now have blueprint on how to beat O's D.

-Kicking game is a jokes and so inconsistent it's not funny.

-Special teams - area which Joe works on personally is loosing games for the Gades...

There you have it. after 12 games and the post NFL cuts the Gades have still not addressed the areas which we all knew was going to be a problem... If Ottawa still had Tillman as GM - some of these issues would have been resolved... Instead Forest Gump is trying to bring in players that will have NO immediate impact on helping this team - this year!

Not having Tillman @ GM will impact the Gades hopes of long term success.
The current Gades talent identification is a joke.

Very well said.

And that's why I say:

Go Sens Go!