Offbeat Chris Walby Story

Never heard this one before. Walby recounted it during the Banjo Bowl pre-game on TSN 1290 in Winnipeg (hosting with Troy Westwood and Darrin Bauming)

, , , in the later stages of his career he was in Regina (old Taylor Field) for a Labour Day game. He was hurting bad, feeling the pain . . . . so he went up to bomber trainer Ross Hodgkinson (who later became flunkie and VP of Football Ops during the disasterous Lord Lyle Bauer era) and says “Roscoe, need some of those them there pain-killers, can I have a few?” Roscoe, prior to being a total sell-out and corrupt as all git out refuses to give Walby the pills cuz they might “put him out”… so Walby goes out the door and down the hall - finds Sasky trainer Ivan Gutfrend - and says “Ivan, I need something, can u help me?” So Ivan gives him the pills!

and that’s what I love about the CFL… friends in low places! :cowboy:

I played junior ball with Bluto in Winnipeg before he went off to Dickenson State. A funnier teammate I have never had. We (Wpg Rods) were a real average team but we laughed a ton.