Off with Sir Popp’s head!

Seriously…what kind of ignorant, ungrateful city is this that speaks out without complete analysis?

:rockin: Kudos to thee Sir James, as thy leadership clearly accomplished an incredible feat with thy team of men this year. And I believe that including them in thy pronouncements against YWG, was the most courageous act by a leader amongst men. Sunday’s game showed the country how a team can be brought back from the dead, (in many aspects) by faith alone, and pretty much only within thy unit. Very pleased to hear “you ain’t no quitter..?, because“QUITERS NEVER WIN? Jonny Lang

Thy last look into CFCF12 cameras yesterday, was one of true accomplishment, and it was very appealing. I think you’re the hottest coach in this league and thy portrait is soon to follow…

I studied 5 local channels in both languages last evening and NOT one mention of our pretty boy Lord Marcus. Apologies sir, we now know that thou art so much more than “just another pretty face?! What a shock for all to see, as even the game announcers could not catch their breath or pronounce their sentences, for the excitement in the power and accuracy of thy technique! The entire country is saddened and frustrated that we must wait another 6 months to see that arm again.
(No one leave this game early!)

I can’t remember the last time the losing QB won the Warrior of the Game award, and on thy 1st payoff start… this is very impressive. I soooo want to see more of thee next year!

Take good care these next few months all, and I pray to see thee all back again next year to continue this growth in strength, strategy and spirit. Hold dearly in thy heart the passion thou seized for that one elusive yard, for this is thy greatest weapon…
now that’s entertainment!