Off Topic!!!

Sorry about being off topic again...but....if we had a place for it, I wouldn't have to do this.

I am, wildly......histerically.....insanely......UPSET, that according to the "U.S. Broadcast schedule" I will not be watching the game on Thursday that will contain the "Wendy's Kick for a Million". This is absurd!!!!!!! I am livid with these american networks, and they are really p****** me off with this crap!!

As far as I know the game is on TSN and the networks down here have always shown TSN games until now. I've been waiting for this game and now it looks like I won't see it. If anyone would like like to tape this game and send me a copy I will gladly supply my address and postage, but I really want to see how this guy does. So.....let me know.

i'll tell you right now...he wont kick for the million...he might kick the 10-30 yarders, BUT NOT from 50....especially since the rules state hes not allowed to practice until the day BEFORE the game....

I'd say he has a 0% chance of making it. I was watching a profile on him yesterday and they were saying he's not allowed to kick a ball until the big day. 0 practice. I'm with drumming god, that ball is landing on the 20 yard line.

I dont know it they showed it on CBC but some guy at the ALS game won 25,000 for hitting a 30 yard field goal.

Then Duval missed a 30 yarder.

I’d like to know how they could find out if he was practicing! I mean i go to the local fields every day to kick my Footballs and there is NEVER any one around. So…how would they really know?

Actually he is supposed to be a soccer player. Apairently he has been practising with Prefontaine and can kick it 50 yards. Its just the accuracy he is not sure about

he hasn't precticed with prefontain YET.....he can the DAY BEFORE the game

What a chicken “Bleep” restriction to put on the guy! I agree with you…He should take a drive to some field out in the toolies and practice.

Geo, they are showing the Winnipeg game right?

Pretty sure he can practise all he wants. Just not on the
field that he'll be kicking for a million.

Pretty poor in my books.

From what I gathered, he can watch someone kicking a ball (I guess to learn the machanics) but he can't kick. As for playing soccer, I can kick a soccer ball into the goal from 50 yards...30 of the yards the ball is rolling on the ground.

I'll bet he's a toe-punter.

The restriction on this contest makes it crappy. Why wouldn't you be able to practice? Just how many of us non-kickers are able to nail a 50 yards field goal in front of 40 000 people with just one try? If you are so afraid to see it done, just don't launch the contest cheap burger company!

And if the guy nails his 50 yarder, not only will he get his million but he will probably be invited to some training camps here and there (Ottawa, BC, Edmonton?...)

I guess they don't want to pay him out. But thats why these contests have insurance....In case the contestant actually does it. (Does Lloyds of London still insure these kind of things?)

If it were me, I'd be hiking up these mountains behind me and finding a plateau with a couple of pine trees to stretch a rope from. I'd be practicing somehow!

I even thought I remembered hearing one of the commentators talking about practicing once they figured out who would be kicking. Obviously, the commentator didn't know about this pathetic restriction.

I'd be lucky to actually get the ball in the air if I hadn't been able to practice prior to attempting that..... I figured I'd take a leave of absence if I had been picked for the kick in order to have a chance to make the 50-yarder.

There is no way they could know that he's been practicing, unless they follow him around 24-7. Most high schools have football fields with goal posts, that are unfenced and unguarded. As long as no one is using them, he could easily go to one of these and try to knock a couple through.

He didn't practice with Prefontaine until yesterday. (It was not at the dome, but at the Argos' practice field.) He wouldn't have had access to the tee he'll be using, or to Prefontaine's expertise, until then. I think the rule was that he would be given access to all these things the day before the kick, to ensure that he at least has the opportunity to get some practice.

But if he has access to a goal post and a tee, there's no way they can tell him he can't practice whenever he wants.

I'm sure that can do what ever they want. I am pretty sure they made him sigh a contract that forbids him to practice. If they were to prove he did he would have to give the money back