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Off topic.

Sorry guys, this is off topic. But this forum is the most looked at, in all of this site's forums.

But anyways, I know you all know, that today September 13th, is the 1 year anniversary of the Dawson College shootings. It's also 1 year, since I lost a friend I love, Anastasia De Sousa.

I just thought, it would be appropriate to say, if anyone wants to write a message to the De Sousa family, or write a tribute, feel free at:

Also, if you'd like to see a video, and see how beautiful she was, here's a slideshow video made by her sister, Sarah.

Anyways, please don't blast me for posting this thread up in this section.

I love you Staz

I feel for ya, friend. Lest we not forget ...

First off, I want to express my sympathies to you on your loss. I watched the video, well done by her sis, Sarah.
The other thing I wanted to express is the outrage to the media that focuses on the shooter, Kimveer Gill. A nice change would be to focus on the person who was needlessly taken away from family and friends. Nice tribute Ryooon.

My thoughts go out to this young girls' family as well as you Ryoon.

Thanks guys, and thank you to the moderator for what he has done as well.

Nice touch Ryooon. It's nice that you share this with others. Everyone feels for her family and friends.

Ryoon, We have alot of fun on this site poking fun at each other but be assured we also develop some admiration and friendships here. Your courage and need to express your loss with us is touching. I was moved!! Take care my friend and good things happen to good people!!!

Rest in peace.

geo said it best I couldn't of said it better!!

Thanks again guys.

You're kind words, thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

My thoughts go out to her family and all the lives that were changed on September 13th 2006.I was watching her parents' interview on the internet and I admire their strength.

May she rest in piece.

The day before Dawson a girl I knew also died tragically, she was 15. May she also RIP. AC.

EDIT: I just can believe how beautiful she is, great smile. She seems like a very fun person.

"Guess now who holds thee?"--"Death," I said.
But there
The silver answer rang--"Not Death, but Love."

--Elizabeth Barret Browning, Sonnets From the Portuguese, 1850.

Godspeed to all the families and loved ones affected by this tragedy.
And thanks Ryooon.

From Boston, from me to the Desousa family, I would like to send my love and sympathies to them.

She was a very beautiful girl. That slideshow was well done, because it was done with love, by her own sister.

Thanks Ryooon, for sharing that video with us. And I am sorry for your loss.

im sorry for your lost also

i read some comments and her moms one was real sad dude she told the story of that day and how it happened for her pretty sad

anyways ya she was beautiful

shes in a better place now, the safest place, gods arms.

r.i.p anastasia

p.s did she have any bros or sisters?

Right now, she has a sister who is 17, and her brother is 12.

Sorry for your loss a year ago.

sambo42, focusing on the idiots that do this sort of thing is more appealing to people. Getting angry at some clod being profiled on the news won't make you change the channel. Getting all teary eyed hearing about the families will.
Random victims are not as intriguing as the people that commit these crimes. Look at how famous some killers are. Dylan & Eric are prime examples, I can't name one Columbine victim...but I know the shooters first and last names.
It's a bit twisted...but it's society.

Yes, it is a sad place. The sad part is that all these shootings happen because of copycats of Eric and Dylan. Kimveer for example, spent the entire night before the shootings, playing a Columbine video game, which is designed for you to play the roles of Dylan and Eric. Disgusting.

But back to the topic. I'm comforted to know that Staz is in a better place, a place with no hate, no violence, and no racism.

I just made this thread, because I wanted to share with you all how beautiful my friend Anastasia really was, and I am sorry that you guys never got to know her the way I did.