Off-Topic note to Bob Young re: NC Marines land in Hamilton

I had an awesome conversation with these fine representatives of the United States Marine Corps (based out of North Carolina) today as I was leaving from a lunch date with my daughter and ran into them outside of Copps Coliseum. This is their first time in Hamilton and the seem to be really enjoying themselves. Of course, they are here for the spectacular Military Tattoo at Copps this weekend

anyways, it was kind of neat to meet your neighbours Bob....I gave them a briefing about the Tiger-Cats and how the famous "Mountain" works and how Hamilton is a split level city.and other stuff about The Hammer 8)

There seem to be a lot of Hamilton/Ticat/CFL connections to North Carolina. This is just another, albeit very interesting, one. North Carolina has several of the largest US military bases on the East Coast of the US, so it is not a big surprise that a US military band playing at the Hamilton Tattoo would be based in NC.

Sorry I can't be there to help make them feel at home, but you are doing a great job. Thanks.

Some football connections besides my connection to Raleigh, includes three (or so) of this year's Ticats graduated from NC Universities, and Montreal head coach Marc Trestman coached at NC State and still lives in Raleigh. Not to mention Angelo Mosca spent a big part of his pro wrestling career in North Carolina and remains as popular there as he is in Hamilton.

Cheers, Bob.

Interesting stuff. I didn't realize there were so many connections.

As far as the military, I don't know about everyone else, but it sure feels good to know that Canada has such a fiercely loyal friend, neighbour and trusted ally in the United States (the citizens, Government and Armed Forces). Although we love our Canadian armed forces, there is something special about the American military. Perhaps it's their swagger and confidence. Speaking of which, here's a fantastic example of that in this video of the Marine Corps. Silent Drill Team. 8)

It is good for sure, I doubt that our military is strong enough to defend our borders should we come under attack from some wacko country that wants to invade Canada from different directions at the same time.


How can you praise the American military more than our own? Its a damn sacrilege! I don't mean because you made a thread about it. I mean that you mention both and praise theirs more.

As if it wasn't bad enough already you then concentrate on marching to represent the greatness of a military. Great militaries are shown through battlefield success and execution. Not only are Canadian soldiers some of the best trained and most capable but we have been known for having the best combat engineers anywhere since before WWII.

Here is a much better example of a good military video and it also features some of our amazing combat engineers building a bridge out in theatre:

I think you are mis-interpreting what I was trying to say. If course our Canadian Arrmed Forces are world class and full of highly qualified , brave and committed people. I concur with you totally. I just happen to be personally fascinated by some of the branches of the American Military, namely their special forces. The USMC have always caught my attention, and recently of course, units like SEAL Team 6. But yeah, I am extremely proud and thankful of our own people too and showed that the other day when I attended the " Freedom of the City" ceremony at city hall to honour the troops, just home from from Afghanistan as they paraded through downtown. I was applauding them loudly with much thanks and a tear in my eye and lump in my throat as they proudly marched by.

PS....just found out I am attending the Tattoo tonight with my brother. Our father and grandfather and uncles all served proudly with the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders so we will be cheering extra loud as they do their stuff at Copps. I'll also cheer loudly for those North Carolina Marines :wink:

Since we're praising our military here. check this one out if you haven't seen it:

Thanks for that link. Never seen that one. In the video I link to a great helmet cam sniper shot across a giant valley. Near the beginning. It's a great video and was made by a military magazine.

Here is another from the same people that focuses even more on the combat engineers and their armoured trucks than the first one I linked to: ... ure=relmfu

How is admiring the US military a bad thing? If the Caretaker didn't take exception to the OP then why is this attack necessary?

Well, I find sometimes these chance meetings take on a life of their own. (which is why it's so important in life to engage people in random conversation)

I'm downtown early ahead of tonight's show at Copps so I can visit the rolling "Portaits Of Honour" currently parked in front of Copps as it makes it's way across Canada. (A spectacular and very moving must see for every Canadian)

So I'm walking past Copps again on my way to grab a bite in Jackson Square and I walk past the USMC (Marine's) huge bus from North Carolina. The driver was standing there and said hi so I stopped for a chat as he seemed like a nice guy and didn't realize I had already chatted with the Marines........Well, he had a million questions about Hamilton and specifically asked about the Ticats and asked where they play. I was surprised he used the short form for Tiger-Cats and asked him how he knew that as he's from just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. (I believe he said Greensboro) .so, get this. He said that they have been lodged up at Mohawk College and a player (wide receiver) from the "Ticats" who was there at Mohawk at the time approached them for a chat), we hit it off famously and we both sat in the bus at the front and chatted up a storm.....we talked USA/Canada military stuff, politics, told him the history of the Tiger-Cats, Bob Young's story of how he came to own the Ticats and his companies in North Carolina, his travels as a bus driver over the years to Canada, throughout the states, Super Bowls, NASCAR and even as driver for Vice President Biden during the campaign.....dang, I could have listened to him for hours !!....maybe it was the North Carolina/Southern accent ? (a little like the Forrest Gump accent)

At any rate, you just never know what interesting people there are out there unless you talk to them. Americans are fun to chat with and offer an interesting perspective on world stuff I find. We're a lot alike and yet so much is different. I'd love to travel down the US east coast one day if that's an example of the friendly folks who live there. That was a really fun chat ! :smiley:

Thanks for reading 8)

Cool story.

In my singles days I found a Southern accent from a shoulder length blonde haired belle particularly interesting.

Sure it was the accent. :roll:

It was! Along with French Canadian and Irish. Anywho...good times.

OK. push up bras had nothing to do with it. You were always unique apparently :lol:

I didn't say it was only the accent. And yes, I agree, whoever invented the push up bra deserves many complimentary beers.

I attended, for the first time, Saturday's Military Tattoo and it was a fantastic show even though it was, unfortunately, only about 2/3 full of attendees.

My wife and I bought tickets about 7pm and had front row seats (actually, Row 4, 2 rows behind the Bulldogs bench) with about the best view possible. Like sitting at the 55 yard line, front row at a TiCat's game. During the live volley re-enactment, we were in the direct line of fire during the second round of shots.

Hamilton's own fiddling boy wonder Liam McGlashon played some pre-show tunes and it was only a warm-up to the start of a great evening's entertainment.

The sound of the combined pipe bands, along with the "brass" bands, was rousing and sent shivers up my spine.

The Irish and Scottish dancers (from Hamilton and area) showed phenomenal skill, talent and energy, as did the dance ensemble from Quebec (amazing how they can all keep up the energy for so long).

Being a half-assed drummer myself (cough), I really enjoyed and appreciated the drumlines by the various bands. If anyone has seen the movie Drumline, they'll have a feel for what was performed.

IMO, the most polished performance (and highly patriotic of course :slight_smile: ) was by the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Band from N Carolina, the subject of this thread.

It was spit & polish from start to finish, with moves (and formations) and talent sharp as tacks (and perhaps the best drumline too… IMO)

The finale with all performers on hand had the whole place on it's feet.

Overall, a very moving and enjoyable event.

I highly recommend the Tattoo for anyone wishing to be entertained for 2 1/2 hours (performance on Sunday at 2:30pm).

(I have another observation to make but I'm hesitant as it will no doubt be taken the wrong way. I'll hold my tongue for now.)

?? Earl not sure what you are getting at. But that's why we joined NATO in the early 50s and the purpose of NATO. As a small country we can't afford a big military. Same with other fellow NATO partners, the deal is if one is attacked the other come to our aid, it's a cheap way of defending ourselves, we are asking other countries to defend us.
Of course it was set up to counter the Soviets taking over Eastern Europe and Western countries worried that the Soviets would use any excuse to move westward. And Canada standing between the Soviets on one side and the US on the other.

We are a part of the NATO air force in Libya, we are also doing our part in Afghanistan and we did our part in the former Yugoslavia.

But I'm going off topic again, 35 years with the Canadian Forces I get sensitive. And I Hate it when people start dragging down our best friends and allies. I have served with the Americans and Brits too and both professional, well trained and proud service people.

But the purpose of this thread was the link between NORTH CAROLINA Bob Young's home and the North Carolina Marine band that is playing in HAMILTON - but of course we get the usual suspects trying to hijack and twist things, not sure why they do that. I didn't see anywhere that the OP said anything against the Canadian military, he was praising the NC Marine band, whats wrong with that.
If I mention the Scottish bands that are at the tatoo is that an attack against our military too?

yep, it was a great time Saturday night. I too was a little disappointed in the crowd but I'm sure it was packed on Sunday. The only boring part was the guy singing what sounded like John Denver tunes in the second half. The guy was good but a little out of place. The dancers were very good ! (I liked the mix of Irish and Scottish)

The Argylls pipes and drums were great as usual and so were the massed bands at the end. But again, the Americans stole the show. The US marines were incredible (and yes, they are actual serving combat marines who do a tour of duty with the band and rotate out again I found out). Also, the American Fife and Drum unit were great and very entertaining.

The PA announcer's voice was a dead-ringer for Paul Morris (the legendary announcer at Maple Leaf Gardens) :lol:

Well, now back to matters at hand.......Go Cats !!! :rockin:

I went to the Hamilton Tattoo a few years back with my mom. I enjoyed it very much and regret that I haven't been able to go since then.