Off-topic: NHL

Throughout the NHL lock-out I vowed to stay away from hockey for awhile, but with the new Salary cap in place and the new rules (except for maybe the goalies playing the puck rule) I’m very excited about the upcoming season. I’m also very interested to see how some guy named Crosby will do in his first season (did you know he uses a straight blade?)

Now is everyone else excited or are you still mad at the lock-out and going to stay away?

Go Riders and Go Canadiens.

I'll watch but I generally hate the new rules and how these bastrad have generally fuck up the league, and yet they are still in chage. If I hate the new rules, I'm just going to watch CFL untill those bastrads are gone and the old NHL is somewhat restored.

Which rules do you hate?

Some of the rules such as no red line and tag-up offsides use to be apart of the NHL.

And I just heard on the news, every pre-season game this year will have a shootout at the end, regardless of the score.

That's so teams can test out whose good in SO and stuff.

Anyways, hell yea I'm pumped. I'm counting down the days till oct 5 on my msn name. 20 more to go.

In The Last Few Seasons I Really Got Into The NHL. Since The Strike I Feel That I'll Return To My Old Ways Where I Don't Start Watching Till The Playoffs Start. It's Just There's Way Too Many Season Games, Most The Players End Up Getting Hert By The Time The Playoffs Start. What They Should've Done Is Cut The Season Down To 60 Games.

I agree Bamboo, that would end the season a month and a half earlier, I wouldn't feel so bad, being stuck in my house watching hockey when it's hot outside and there is so much work to be done. But you know as well as me, it's alway's a money issue, when dealing with pro sports.

I can’t wait for the new season. The new rules are exactly what the league needs. Why they ever went to automatic offsides is beyond me. NO red line is great, I know I love playing with these rules. I am sure they will too.

Go Habs Go

(let the slack for that come)

Why don't they start a hockey league with no rules. They can call it the XHL. It can have broadcasts by fox where they have a blue streak behind the puck for a pass and a red streak for shoot so that I can see the puck. Also we can encorporate Kanga's Action Point into it and give Alaska a team :slight_smile:

I'm definitely pumped about the upcoming season, especially with Pronger and Peca joing the Oil. I'm hoping the game is more open and fast-paced with the new rules being implemented. I'm hoping for at least a 5th place finish for Edmonton in the West.

by the way, just a quick question for Rider fans. I have a few friends here in E-town that cheer for the Riders as well as cousins in the Saskatoon area; to my knowledge, all of them cheer for the Oilers. Now, I was wondering if this is consistent throughout Sask or is it an anomaly. Who do the Rider fans on here cheer for? (NHL wise)

Well I guess Billy and I cheer for the Habs.

Edmonton's probably my second favourite team. I like their work ethic headed by Captain Canada. I use to hate them in the Gretzky days (probably because they were so good) though.

I pretty much like all Canadian teams though, except for the Laffs.

I live in Calgary now, so that made me make the decision to cheer for the Flames. When I lived in toon, I actually cheered for the Sens cause I knew nobody else was going to, thought it'd be a change. But if I was to cheer for another team besides the Sens in those days, it was typically the Oilers. Now, I guess I'm sposed to not like the Oilers, but I just can't make myself hate them as most people around here seem to.

I want the red line, for show if nothing else. I makes the hockey area look somewhat like the Canadain Dual Flag.

and the resistions that they are placing on the goalies movement are BULL S***********************************************************************************T !

Auto Offsides suck

but the Red line rocks!

How would you do an Action Point in hockey?

I love all the Canadiian Teams except Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. Untill the Jets come back, my Canadian NHL team in the Oilers.

The red line is still painted on the ice and is still used for icing and face-offs. There is just no two-line pass rule anymore opening up the game more.

It'll be nice to have the Cup come back to it's birthplace. We're looking real good this year. One of the few good teams that have stayed intact but made key changes for the better. Watchout, our time has come. Much more Canadian boys with grit on our team now. Much less Euro's. And one great Euro between the pipes.

Go Sens Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kanga. learn more about it if you want to coment. of course the red line is still phsically there. It just is not used for 2 line passes. What it does is make it possible for a player to pass from anywhere in their own end to anywhere before the oponents blue line. Makes for a much faster game. And it makes the nuetral zone trap a lot harder to play, which I thik we all can agree is good for the game.

And esks guy. I cheer for the Habs, but the Oil are probably my 2nd fav.

Ok, then that is fine! I always keep the twolineOS pass turned off in my NHL 2004 game.

But I really had how they have expanded the arenas and turn them into like Euro Hockey Arenas.Not good.

NA Hockey is NA Hockey, and Euro Hockey is Euro Hockey. Like the CFL and NFL.