off-topic: NFL attendance

Apparently it's for playoffs too, Americans are still hyped up over the Mighty Ducks movies.

but I agree, Shootouts in the Regular Season, OTs in the Playoffs.

Too bad you’re a 5’2" woman… You would have made a good lumberjack. You’ve got the attitude. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope KK - no shootouts in playoffs. They go to overtime as they have in the past.

Fine by me! (unfortunatly, I have to go with Shootouts in the PO in my NHL 2004 game, but I'll survine, since my playoff rounds are 3 games, frist team to win 2 advances) jmo2 is a women? I did not know that! :oops:

I've been reading through topics such as "Is Anyone Not Pulling for Ottawa?" and now this one on "NFL Attendance"...I'm just curious how it is that every topic seems to degenerate into a discussion about the NHL, their labour dispute and the rule changes? :?

That is just how the dicussion turns sometimes Big D.

I don't know why people think the NHL of the '80's was so great. With 16 of 21 teams making the play-offs, there was little incentive to play defence. The '80's were out of whack with most of the history of hockey. Defence is work while playing offence is fun. I would also like to see Hartford, Winnipeg and Quebec City back in the league. The one new rule that bothers me is about limiting goalies ability to play the puck. You can bet that the defencemen going back to play the soft dump-ins to the corners are going to be run big time.

Exzaculy my point, Thank you C-Way-dude! 8)

The off-topic thread got off-topic.

I like a lot of the new rules.

I like that they are going to call all obstruction calls. They did this at the world juniors and it really opened the game up.

I like that you can't change after an icing call and the rule that goes along with this (the delay of game call for the defencemen)/

I like that the tag-up offside rule has been reinstated

I like that the no centre line rule has been reinstated

I love the salary cap. Every team seems to hve hope this year, including teams like the Penguins.

I like the goalie equipment being trimmed down. It was getting to the point where there was no skill involved in goaltending.

I don't like that the goalies can't play the puck.

I wish they would have instated no-touch icing.

I would like to see the instigator rule gone.

All in all I'm actually excited for a game I said I wasn't going to watch for awhile. Like every other fan I have hope my team is going to do well.

Yes! america's pop. is ten times that of Canada, which means we have ten times the working force, which means we have the means to fill a stadium that some idiot decided to build which will accomodate 100,000 screaming drunks!, (ok maybe not all of them are screaming) which means the league can capitalize on this and charge outrageous prices for an over rated product!

And lets not forget that america's pop. is so large in part because we have no iimigration laws to speak of and quite a few of these people are Illegal.