off-topic: NFL attendance


On Aug.6 the Cleveland Indians got 28000 fans to a game agianst the Yankees. That same night the Cleveland Browns got 32000 fans to show up ........ not for a preseason game ...... but for a practice. Yes I said practice. That is absolutely nuts.

Wow. And the Browns suck!

To say that Americans are absolutely nuts for football is an understatement.

Football is a religion in the U.S........and they have 10 times the pop of CANADA.

Baseball is the most boring sport (to watch. and play at time) in my opinion. Next to golf.

Yeah, they're much more die-hard for the NFL down there than we are for the CFL up here (sadly) ... I'd even say they're more die-hard for the NFL than we are for the NHL.
But what really pisses me off is the amount of NFL coverage up here when we have our own league which is better anyway!

Baseball sucks!

the CFL is still very popular and getting more all the time cuz people are upset with the NHL.

ok...we all know america has 10 times the population of canada....
which means, if we had 780 000 people tune in for that BC vs sask game on sat.nite, that would mean the equvilant of 7.8 million people watching if we had the same population of america.

that sounds real good to me!

what does NFL average for ratings during the regular season???

If you are asking about CANADA?

The average for a NFL regular season game is 100,000 + with BILLS games slightly higher.Somes over 200,000+

The Raptors....are about the same as the NFL

The BLUE JAYS....average 230,000 per game.

The CFL is the most watch team sport by far and it has been that way for several years. That is until hockey returns, were the NHL games will be # 1 on SATURDAY night. :smiley:

in theory, some might be pissed about the new rules and become CFL fans pemennity. 8)

doubtful, KK....

im wondering the NFL ratings in america? anyone know thier television numbers?

I've been looking out of my own curiosity, but I haven't found any info on ratings...

But I bet the ratings for individual games on Sunday probably aren't very high because every region of the US sees a different game. They are still high for each game, but are probably only a drop in the bucket compared to the Monday night game each week.

CFL is smart showing only one game at a time (for the most part).

Being from Nebraska, my religious order of merit is God, Jesus, and Bill Callahan, with the late former coach Bob Devaney relieving St. Peter on the weekends and former coach Tom Osbourne as a secular leader (he took 84 percent of the vote in the last election for US House of Representatives and plans to run for governor). They had 62,000 paid attendance for a spring scrimmage. Divorces and will are contested in court over who gets the renewal rights to season tickets. I belong to an expatriot fan club in Las Vegas that only has 850 members.

Religion (or as my wife calls it, a cult)… is an understatement.

Well I’m considing not going back because of the stupid new rules and the Jets. I like old time hockey, you know what I mean. 1980’s to early-mid 1990’s.

KK, if one of your reasons for not going back to the NHL is the Jets, it's time to get over it. Seriously. Enough of the Jets. Give the new rules a chance. I'm excited to see how the "new" league will look with them. You might be surprised. . .but then again, it appears you so badly want to live vicariously through the past that you likely wouldn't be that surprised after all. . . :slight_smile:

I’m a tradisionalist and a purist when it comes to NA Hockey, ok?

I mean their are a few minor and one major thing (Action Point) I’d chage abou the CFL, but I’d do it graduraly though exhibution games frist, not chage evenything all at once as the NHL is doing right now.

Their problem isn’t the game, it’s the market that they are trying to promote it in. Winnipeg and QC are big hockey markets, Phoenix and Carolina aren’t.

Were you a Jets fan jm02? if not, you don’t understand how chrused all Jets fan were when they did everything to save the team, but in the end it was all futie.

It’s abou time the NHL go back to it’s roots and spot all this shit !!!

I was a Jets fan, but I'm over it. This happened years ago, and your constant whining about it won't bring it back. Perhaps eventually there could be a team in Winnipeg again, but not in the near future. It's been nine years since their departure from The Peg, and if something hasn't been done by now, it's not looking great. I'd like to see them back too, but dreaming about it isn't going to realize it. I'd also like to see Carolina back in Hartford, and the league back down to 21 teams, but that won't be happening soon either. And yet, life goes on, the world keeps spinning, and you don't hear me complaining about it on and on and on and on. . .

I don’t compain abou it either, not whille this dickhead of a commissener is ruining the NHL. I don’t want Winnipeg to have a NHL team under this guy. As soon as he goes, That will be the time for the Peg to get a team back.

I’ll watch the NHL this year, but I’m expect to be discussed.

Agree to disagree, then. :smiley: I'm not fond of the Commish either, but I'm so pumped to see the new rule changes. I've wanted to get rid of the red line for ages, and I'm all for shrinking the goalie equipment. Game's gonna be faster, that's certain. Give it a chance - who knows? You may like it and I may hate it after all's said and done.

I don't like the way it sounds, restrict the goalie moment (that will slow the game down in my opion, if the goalie can't get to the puck), making the ring into a european style one (Euro Hockey is EURO HOCKEY and NA hockey is NA HCOKEY, m'k, you wouldn't like some american taking over the CFL a reducing the CFL field size, would you? or someone expanding the NFL field for that matter). I'm going to miss the red line (until a watch my NHL 2004 game, sigh :cry: ) becase it made the ring look like the Canadian Dual flag :cry:.

Goalie equirment, yes, should be smaller, and the Shootouts should be increased, and all the other new AHL rules, but some for these new rule are just pain dumb and will chage back after this commish is gone.

I'd like to see the goalies get creamed if they leave their net. Make their crease a little bigger if you want to, but none of this pussy-footing around - can't hit the goalies my foot! If you want to play the puck outside the net, you deserve to get clobbered. You're on the playing surface just like the others, playing the puck like the others, you should have to get hit like the others. Shootouts? In regular season it's okay - I like to see a winner and a loser, but in playoffs no way. I love the double and triple overtime games - live for those babies.