Off topic. Hows the weather out there???

I heard on the news that Winnipeg got some snow over that last few days :evil: It been 28 and sunny here all week
UH thats 82 for our American friends :wink:

Were are getting the reminats of Topical Storm Tammy here in good ol' GEORGIA!!!

its getting chilly here. definetly fall weather. don't know the exact temp, but people are haviong to scrape their car windows in the mournings. The leaves have all turned and most are on the ground. My relatives in south east sask got 3 cm of snow yesterday.


Its been 28 out there?????

Geez were struggling to hit 10 in Cowgary. Hasnt been a great
summer for us this yr, record rains, etc. Hopefully we'll get payback
with a chinook filled, mild, sunny, winter.

Weather in Anchorage, Alaska is gonna a little rainy in the next few days, no snow yet, tamp is 50 to 40 degrees F

Montreal had there 2nd hottest summer in history this year after 1953, with I believe 23 days over 30 degrees and like Ro said it is 28 this week too! The leaves are not turning much and they usually are by now.

And speaking of Montreal and off topics......

Michael Ryder just got his 2nd game winning goal in 2 days, Habs win again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-0, both on the road.

Damn the Habs!!!


I'm glad you got a kick out of that, mate.

my only regert is that my Jets aren't around to kill or be killed by the Habs.

Yeah I agree with that. I miss the Nordiques badly and I really miss winnipeg too.

you know what the NHL needs, a big fucking revolution! kick out the comissoner and the bad onwers and go back to the good ol days of the early 90's with most teams in the north, 8 in Canada, and a few teams in the south.

have you ever played football in a blizzard wearing no extra warm clothing. now i have

If you are refering to my posts its Montreal weather

Well I live in Winterpeg and Wednesday was just insane... Damn blizzard that came through.... The weather is super cold here now. When the BC Lions come to play on Monday they are gonna freeze. No more nice weather.

i'm going to the game in regina saturday then the game on monday in winnipeg. i wonder if it's possible to get frostbite on my entire body

Common guys, what are you going to do when it hits -40C???
For our Americans thats -40F as well

nice, I wish it would snow here, I've been working my butt off this week, could use sometime off just to do HW, instead of studing of a test or two.

Well I'm most likely going to the game on Monday too agaisnt the Lions. It should be pretty nice on Monday here. Hopefully......