off topic, but man is it ever booming out here:edmonton

has the lowest unemployment in the country:

City jobless rate nation’s best
6.4 per cent Canadian unemployment rate a 31-year low
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Font: * * * * The Edmonton Journal; with files from Canadian Press
Published: Saturday, December 03, 2005
EDMONTON - Edmonton had the lowest jobless rate in the country in November, as national figures hit their lowest level in 31 years.

Edmonton leapfrogged Calgary into first place at 4.3 per cent, down from 4.6 per cent the previous month. Calgary’s rate increased to 4.4 per cent from four per cent in October.

The national rate fell to 6.4 per cent, lending fuel to Prime Minister Paul Martin’s federal election campaign.

Sound economic management is a key platform issue for Martin, who was a longtime finance minister before becoming Liberal leader two years ago.

Not since December 1974 has the country’s unemployment rate dropped as low as it reached last month, analysts said Friday.

The addition of about 30,600 new full-time positions in November pushed the rate below October’s 6.6 per cent, which was also a record not seen in three decades, Statistics Canada reported.

“This was just a stunningly strong report,” especially following 68,700 new jobs added in October, said Marc Levesque, chief Canadian strategist with TD Securities.

“It doesn’t matter which way you dissect the data, the job numbers … were extremely strong.”

It might also help allay concerns consumers may have about the overall health of the country’s job market after announcements this week of 1,800 job cuts at paper giant Domtar and about 900 layoffs at CIBC.

“We’ve had a drumbeat of layoff news in recent weeks, and I think this kind of report is exceptionally encouraging for consumer confidence,” said Doug Porter, deputy chief economist at brokerage BMO Nesbitt Burns.

About 24,000 new construction jobs in Ontario and British Columbia added to November’s employment picture, along with about 23,000 new positions in food services and the hospitality industry.

Even the manufacturing sector added 6,800 jobs after massive losses over the past two years due to a soaring loonie.

But roughly 17,000 positions were lost in the health and social services fields last month and 15,000 were lost in finance, insurance and real estate.

Overall, some 50,200 full-time jobs were added in November while 19,600 part-time positions were shed, Statistics Canada reported.

everywhere you drive there is help wanted signs, store shelves are empty , i'd better get christmas shopping.

why would this be erased?

Just don't let stamp78 come on here and read this. It might knock him out of his ignorant bliss, and end the entertainment he provides us all. WOW. Lowest unemployment in all of Canada, AND 13 Grey Cups and 5 Stanley Cups.

Don't fret, crygary. You are, as usual, 2nd. You should hold a parade, lol.

hey lets keep it in the eskimos forum thougg boon, i would hate to stoop to their level, its more fun in here anyways, i just thought that this was a great article for us to read....

Makes no difference where I keep my posts, eskimoswinitall. After declaring “open season” on the Eskimos forum, not only are my posts deleted on the stumps forum, but on the EE forum as well. So, I will take that as my que to post anywhere, any time, anything I want. No incentive not to.

Can I get you a tissue Boone?
Hey boone with the lowest unemployment (Thanks to calgary) why dont you move back home? Surely even you could get a job now. Best of luck
Stamp 78

Edmonton has the lowest unemployment THANKS to crygary??? Certainly you must be on drugs, my little pumpkin, stump78. At least you are finally seeing the light, that Edmonton has a better economy than crygary. Not to mention a better hockey and football team.

Enjoy the offseason. I know I will.

Bonne. Calgary is the engine that runs this province.. Edmonton just works for us.. You know that, you live here..
Stamp 78

Apparently Edmonton is the city that runs this province. It is the Capital, AND has the hottest economy, with the lowest unemployment. Oh yeah, Crygary sports teams suck the big one, too. When will you grow up and realize, this muffin?

Seriously.. You guys can have the capital.. Seems that it just fits in better up there. I don’t think in all of Calgary you would find someone who wants it. Well since you live here there might be one of us who does.
Stamp 78

PS, The City of Champions also has the better economy. But, you wouldn't want that either, now would you?

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Creepy, Creepy indeed.

GE booming along with Alberta
Widely diversified multinational sees plenty of opportunity for new business
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CORPORATE EXPANSION: GE president and CEO Elyse Allan in front of the new call centre with its large recruitment message.
Photograph by : Rick MacWilliam, The Journal
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Font: * * * * Gordon Jaremko, The Edmonton Journal
Published: Friday, December 09, 2005
EDMONTON - Edmonton is the hot spot in Alberta's rise as the growth star in GE Canada's 10,000-employee national galaxy, and company president Elyse Allan vowed Thursday to keep the climb going.

"We would like to grow more and are continuing to work to ensure we have the labour pool here to help us," Allan said in an interview after urging civic and provincial leaders to encourage worker mobility.

As home to about 1,400 employees in a dozen GE business lines, Edmonton has two-thirds of the company's Alberta activity which is expanding on multiple fronts, Allan said.


At the GE Money customer service and collections call centre in northwest Edmonton, staff are being added at a rate of about 60 a month to fill new desks following a recent $10-million building expansion.

Center staff is expected to nudge 1,000 by next June, or more than double the payroll at the start of this year. About 90 per cent of the work is for retail chains in the United States, but the Edmonton operation's role in Canadian consumer finance is poised to grow.

GE launched a Canadian credit card this fall.


The call centre is the tip of a GE business iceberg in Alberta.

"Everything related to the energy industry is a very important market to us," Allan said.

In conventional oil and gas, GE specialties range from compressors and pipeline cleaning machines known as "pigs" to electrical devices for refineries. GE's financial arm also does a brisk trade with oilfield supply and service contractors, Allan said.

In the oilsands, water treatment is a major expansion front. GE systems clean, recycle and manage water for the spreading production system known as SAGD or steam-assisted gravity drainage, which injects heat into bitumen deposits and pumps out oil.

In health care, Allan said GE views Alberta as the leading edge of the next generation in services.

The firm supplies electronic diagnostic equipment and new digital systems for patient records required by treatment advances and efficiency-minded, cost-conscious regional health-care networks.

"All these things are growing in Alberta," Allan said.

"Alberta's economic success and growth help everybody in the country through the market," she added. "Companies across the country benefit. All boats rise on a rising tide."

It's too bad that my little buddy stump78 hasn't posted since December. He would be interested in the following article. Unlike the City of Chumps aka City of Almost Champions, aka Crygary, The City of Champions aka Edmonton does not rely on living off of memories to get by. Crygary still reminisces about their 1988 winter olympics and 1 year wonder 2004 flamers like it was yesterday. In 2001, The City of Champions hosted the World Track and Field Championships. This is the 3rd largest sporting event in the world, behind only the Summer Olympics and the World Cup of Soccer. Much bigger than the Winter Olympics, as measured by number of participating countries, number of participating athletes, world TV coverage, etc. Stump78, being the ignoramous he is, insisted that he knew the facts, and that Edmonton embarrassed itself by being the first city in North America to host this prestigious event, as it was both an economic and attendance failure. EDITED What do you say now, stumpy? Apparently, it was the most successful World Track and Field Championships, in the history of the world, as measured by paid attendance. And yes, this article is a bit out of date. Since the article was written, the City of Champions did get the Grand Prix event, beating out crygary, and went on to set attendance records in its very first year.

EDMONTON (CP) - Although Canada didn't win any medals at the world track and field championships, the chairman of the local organizing committee claims they took top spot on the bottom line.

Organizers feel Edmonton staged the most successful track worlds ever.
(CP Photo)
"There is no question that this has been the most successful, financial championships in the history of the IAAF," Jack Agrios told a press conference called Monday to wrap-up the championships, which ended Sunday.

"Today I can unequivocally assure you we have a substantial operating surplus which will be available for further legacies," he said.

Agrios said there were more than 400,000 fans in attendance for the 10-day event and sales surpassed their projected target of $12.5 million by $100,000.

"There has never, in the history of the championships, been a financial paid attendance of this figure," said Agrios.

Agrios and the organizing committee president, Rick LeLacheur, said representatives from the International Amateur Athletic Federation made comments about bringing a Grand Prix meet to town in the future.

However, both said it was too early to think about planning that.

"It'll take some sort of new organization," said LeLacheur, who preferred to talk about closing the book on the world championships.

He said after the financial numbers for Edmonton 2001 are completely crunched by the year's end, there should be some extra money -- beyond the $5,000,000 already set aside -- to donate to local sports bodies.

He said one more event will add more to the organizers bank account.

They are stockpiling materials such as furniture, tools and stationary in a 9,300 metre-square warehouse for a public auction in September.

LeLacheur said any excess after all the bills are paid will go to athletics.

"We haven't really been able to do a lot of accounting work this week," said LeLacheur. "If it's a dollar or a million dollars, that then goes to the future legacy fund."

He said organizers were confident enough to already make a few donations.

Surplus wood from the opening ceremonies and media centre has been given away.

"All of that lumber ... has been donated to Habitat for Humanity," he said, adding there is enough to build three houses.

As well, all of the sports equipment that organizers bought: shot puts, javelins and high jump mats, will be donated to Athletics Alberta.

John Cooper, president of Athletics Alberta, said the championships introduced many people to some new competitions and now they will have more access to the sports and to coaches, he said.

"Some of it will be going to Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge and those areas where there are track clubs."

On Monday, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration said two more people in Edmonton for the championships have made a bid for refugee status.

No personal information on the claimants has been released under Canada's Privacy Act.

That brings to nine the number of claimants seeking refugee status since the start of the event on Aug. 3.

By Dan Arsenault