Off topic but GEEZE

Outgoing Governor General Adrienne Clarkson has announced she's creating a new trophy in her own name.

The Clarkson Cup will be awarded for excellence in women's hockey.

Clarkson says she got the idea from former governor general Lord Stanley, who created the Stanley Cup in 1892.

Dont get me wrong I have nothing against a Trophy for women's hockey but not one whith her name on it......

Another example of our hard earned tax dollars at work.

I agree A womens cup may be needed, but there has got to be a better female Canadian deserving of being named.

Trophy Sportie Trophy.

A cup in sports usually refers to uh well :wink:

cup size would be more appropriate, geez I better quit while I am ahead...

I can just in-vision this cup…probably solid gold…encrusted with diamonds …rubys…and pearls…and not actually leaving her posession…but rather only a facisimile of the real one being awarded… :shock:

She wanted to award the Stanley Cup last year because she said no-one was using it

We still need the smiley smacking himself on the forehead and rolling his eyes

I don't really mind it. I doubt they minded when Lord Stanley, and Lord Grey did it. II think she should be paying it out of her salary though. She shouldn't be asking for more money for this. I don't know what she is doing regarding the money thing, That is just what i think she should be doing, if she wants to name it afetr her self that is

Billy, Billy, Billy, Remember her million dollar trip to Russia?


These politicians have no problem spending other peoples money.

Come on now.... You're a University Guy you should now how politicians waste money!

Billy you will need to plant more trees to pay for this are you prepared to do this!

Usually these guys (Stanley, Grey, etc) donate the trophies ... hopefully, if Clarkson does it, she does it BEFORE asking for money with which to "donate" the trophy ...

How exactly is it going to be awarded? To a player, or a team? Internationally, or just within in Canada? And if it's within Canada and for a team, won't it just permanently stay in the possession of the national team? :wink:

I can see Clakson taking 3 million to make this cup. 2.8 million for her pocket to hold lunches on how to design it, and the rest to actually make it.

ahh i don't pay taxes.....hahahaha..... perks of making very little money, and then paying tuition, and being broke all the it will just be you picking this one up.

hey billy, ever heard of gst, pst, hst......yes my friend even you pay tax..

HST ????

harmonized sales tax, blending of the gst & pst into one, cant recall which provinces have that though..

HILL BILLy service tax...

I not completely stupid. I was talking income tax jack ass. I get everything back. So I guess they get the interest off my money, thats it.
She doesn't get any of my PST, don't exactly know where the GST goes, not sure anyone knows

Even broke students pay tax, there is alot of taxing in this country, one form or the way, you plan on beating the system by being broke all your life..??

hmmmmmmmmmm native canadians recieve special tax income taxs, fuel, liquor, sales that kinda stuff..............aslong as it on reserve or urban all the Natives offices, casinos, business are on Urban reserves...........almost they don't have to pay taxes.................................hmmmmmmm should look into getting a treaty card

Nope not true. Well at least not for income tax.

They must live AND WORK on the reserve to be exempt.
By the way that applies to all of us.
If you live in one province you do dont have to pay sales or income if youwork in another.