Off to the game!

I'll be heading out in another 45-50 minutes to go to Hamilton for the Eskimos/Ti-Cats game! First we'll be checking out the Hall of Fame, and then the Tiger Town Store, and a sports store to see if I can find any Eskimos gear. Then we'll be heading to the stadium!

Keep an eye out for me. I'll be wearing khaki shorts, a rather large green Eskimos t-shirt (they only had XL left :lol: ), and my bright yellow Eskimos hat. I'll be sitting somewhere in the corner.

Regardless of the outcome did you have a good time. any Merchandise? I look here at BC place for any other teams stuff and they never have anything .

Yeah, I had a great time. I got a medium sized Eskimos flag from the Hall of Fame, and a Tiger-Cats hat from the Tiger Town Store. This guy had a booth set up at Ivor Wynne Stadium, and he had this huge Eskimos flag, but he wanted $30 for it. I didn't feel like paying that. I'm pretty sure I can find it somewhere else for cheaper.

If you don't mind a little fecal residue, I can probably get you one from Regina for about five bucks.....

Yeeeah... I appreciate the offer, but I'll have to pass... :?

After last night, Chief, you'll probably want to drape yourself in an Eskies flag, poopy or not!

Oh, I'm sure I did that at some point last night. Things are still a little foggy... :?