Off to a Good Start

well, the riders are off to a good start. And listening to the raido afterwards, i heard Lynch mention that the Riders usual lose this game. Maybe this is a sign of teh changing times in riderville.

Did anyone SEE the game? If so please fill me / us in on what you saw.

I hear Lynch wants to a blood transfusion with the person in BC who had green blood--so he literally bleed green.

watched some highlights on the tube. Crandell showed the most of the qb's! Both Russell and Childs were dominant in the backfield. With the way our young Canadian receivers played, maybe it is time to send French and Grant into the sunset!

Kerry Joseph 2/5 for 52 yards.
Marc Crandell 4/9 for 83 yards--1 25 yd TD
Darius Duriant 4/8 for 81 yards
Drew Tate 0/3 -- 1 rushing TD

RB carries and yards:
Henri Childs 7 for 47 yds
Shermer Bracey 6 for 18 yds
Fred Russell 3 for 18 yds

We passed on 60% of our offensive plays.
We rushed 22 times for 97 yds.

We held the Lions to 15 points, while leaving three vets undressed:
DT - Scott Schultz
DB - Eddie Davis
LB - Reggie Hunt

We did give up an 84-yard TD drive by Jarious Jackson which included an 11 yard TD pass.

Crandell' s 25 yard TD pass was to Fantuz.

Not a bad start for the riders. The guys in the backfield looked good. No interceptions from any QB's. I certainly hope Drew Tate plays better next game.

Yeah they did pretty good. Crandell looked a lot better. I saw the throws he made, in highlights and he was throwing strikes to Fantuz. The throws looked perfect. The highlights however sucked. sportsnet just showed 2 feild goals 1 touchdown and joseph getting sacked. Show us more!

Thanks guys! all good things to keep me thinking about the game :slight_smile:

Im not surprised at all that some of you say that Crandell looked the best of the qbs... I'm also glad to hear the 22carriers for 97 yards. We dont need a DOMINANT running game like last year with our improved passing attack. But its still good to know they can chew up yardage

Thanx again

I wrote that when talking about the coverage the CFL gets in another forum. I am noticing that you may agree with me

I completly agree with you 100%. I want more highlights.

Always tough to tell what's going on from a radio broadcast, especially with Carm doing colour(I love my faves, the rest suck).
But you certainly can't get a read on Crandell/Joseph with the limited playing time.
I thought both Crandell and KJ "sounded" pretty good. Durant was the guy I was pleased with, showing a decent learning curve in his second year. Tate didn't show much, but then nobody can live up to the hype...he's a rookie after all....
And the RBs seemed like a good group, and we may keep all 3 imports, Bracey, Russell, and Childs.
I was also glad to see Hoffart make a contribution and hopefully he can complete the comeback and make the team.
Flick made some plays. As did Yo. Still think Yo is too old, but....

DBs were making plays--heard Rontarious Robinson's name lots--pencil him in to start--and we were stuffing the Lions on the 3rd down gambles, so that bodes well that we can survive post-Nate. That new guy they just flew in is a monster!!

All and all, I was reasonably pleased.
Bring on the Stumps....