Off the subject!

OK!,…As some of you know from yesterday, my wife and I had some friends over for a dinner party. Well today those same friends (who are car enthusiasts) were bringing there cars to a car show in Lodi Ohio today, so…for the first time in both our lives my wife and I got to ride in a rumble seat! The car is a 1933 chevy with a modified V8, and let me tell you!!

At 65 MPH or about 110 KPH I now have a whole new respect for dogs who hang there heads out windows!! :o

so you respect dogs EH? anyways, who, when and where did you hear about the CFL? o and how?

Well…didn’t hear about the CFL from anyone. I heard about it when the NFL went on strike the first time in the mid 1980’s . NBC television and CBS television were contracted to show “Football” and they started broadcasting the CFL games for that year.

Needless to say I was hooked! Now…during the following years, I have been able to see games some seasons and not others depending on where I lived and what kind of TV I payed for.

But now, I have DIRECTV and when spring hits I add the “Multi Sport Pac” to my line up and I can see almost every CFL game for the season.

And for the ones I can’t see…I just come here and “hellothere” does an awsome internet play-by-play.

AND!!! To answer your question about dogs? When it comes to unconditional love, loyalty,friendship,and putting a smile on your face OH YEA!!! I respect dogs. Sometimes…more then some humans I’ve met :shock:

whos your team? and your NFL Team

Montreal is the CFL team i pull for (But I love the CFL in general). As for the NFL…haven’t watched in years. American athletes are out of touch with the fans because of the exorbitant amount of money, their greedy “give me everything” attitude,the stupid rules that slow the game down (NFL that is), AND the fact that I LOVE Winter too much to sit inside and watch that crap!! I’VE GOT SLEIGH RIDING TO DO!!

Summer is for Football! :wink:

Not to take anything away from the fine work that hellothere does but there is a post here listing all the radio station that stream the play by play over the internet.

And maybe…if we all tuned into that station for the game we can’t see, “hellothere” might actually be able to enjoy a game without making his fingers go numb. :lol:

Actually , it is allot of work but it is fun and others help as well…I can’t do it when the ARGOS are at home , because I have season tickets…and from JULY 20th to JULY 28th , I am away…so, I just want you to know that and prepare if , ness.

I am glad that you can see most games on T.V… :smiley: