Off the subject I know......

But, I live in Ohio which is 99% NASCAR fans (Hill billies) And I’m not really into racing of any kind, but for the last 18 years or so I have found myself drawn to the t.v. on Memorial Day weekend to watch the Indy 500. (Even brought the t.v. outside a couple of years.

This year however there is a woman in the race who actually has a decent owner and crew and CAR and she should give everyone a run for their money. she had the pole position in qualifying before dropping to the fourth row. (Not bad I think) Should be a good race this year.

what an odd topic… i hope she beats all those so called “athletes”… in my opinion a sport has to have physical contact, fooball, hockey, lacrosse, and to a lesser extent soccer & basketball are sports, golf however is a hobby, so is driving… its nice to see women gettin into competition with men but this does not belong in a sports forum… my 2 cents

I guess you never played tennis. Two hours of running from side to side, front to back, smashing, lobing, hitting the ball, while trying to establish a strategy that will catch your opponent off-guard, most of the time under a blazing sun.

If that’s not a sport, then we need to redefine the word.

Or maybe do you play full-contact tennis? I guess one could smash his rackett on the other guy’s head.

Sports aren’t necessarily about contact. But I do admit I feel sweat has to be involved. And it must be sweat from effort, not only from heat. Otherwise, bakery would become a sport too.

Ever watch a hockey player try and play any other sport…and I do mean “try”. There’s a reason why most of them stick to golf and softball in the offseason.

Yeah, the old boob tube on the patio with ribs on the 'Q…what’s better. Or in this town’s case…sushi ordered… :shock:

ok… you’ve convinced me to agree with that… but golf and baseball are still not sports by my deffinition of the word, same with drivin a damn NASCAR… and i have been a hockey player for 11 of my 15 years on this earth, and i play soccer, football, rugy, and basketball… and from what i have noticed, me trying is better than some of the guys who only play that sport as their main sport… swichin from hockey to football tho… GO LIOS…

hockey players are generally better at more sports then say… basketball players

Just a quick note Blazer…Holding on to the steering wheel of a car moving at about 227 mph around turns does involve athleticism. The G-Forces that they are fighting for that 500 mile race is the equivalent of working out in the gym for about 4-5 hours.

Not to mention the stamina and mental toughness required to do it, Not convinced? Find someone who has a racing sim and run a full length “real time” race for 3-4 hours without stopping to go to the can or whatever. that should provide a vague extremely scaled down example that will probably convince you.

Yeah, man…I mean…didn’t you see “Days of Thunder”? All that “rubbin’”? And all the off-track stuff, man? The stress, my god the stress!

yeah…the cars get pretty hot too, you get dihydrated pretty quickly, and you dont just turn the wheel, it fights back, you really got pull on it. also, you gotta know whats goin on, any vibrations or noises, you gotta know where they are comin from. you gotta be able to drive through cars, know who to draft with, and theres alot moe to do then you think.

racing is definity an underrated job.

Yea the Indy is usually a good watch, not to be picky and anal though the Indy500 is not a NASCAR race, its a IndyCar race. NASCAR are stock cars not the wingy-lightweight things that IndyCar uses.

its not happenin in the MLB cuz they are making improvements, they got the steroids things down pat, but they wont be in a lock til a cap is suggested.

well im doing a research paper on the MLB, and its not as bad as one might think.

Just a question for Jeremy
Have you spoke in class today?

Sorry I had to but just kidding.

Well I wasn’t talking about NASCAR I was talking about INDY (two different things) but that’s ok

They did in 1994, not the whole season but a large part of it.
it was the beginning of the end for the Expos.

Had it not been for the player’s strike in '94, the Expos would have very likely won the World Series. They were far and away the best team in the majors when the season was canned in August. Jays in '92 and '93, Expos in '94 …

Driving a racecar counts as a sport. No, it’s not you who’s turning the engine - but those guys need such incredible physical and mental strength, not to mention smarts and endurance, it’s scary. They’ll drop up to 10 pounds per RACE in sweat. Not to mention nerves of steel … they have got to be in the utmost shape to do that job.

I think that if you can be out of shape and still (professionally) play a “sport”, then it doesn’t count as a sport. Golf and (to a lesser extent) baseball, I’m talking to you.

Looks like the NBA took one look at the NHL, decided that (surprise surprise) it WOULDN’T be a good idea to kill a whole year, and came up with a new CBA without having to cancel any games. Nice to know the NHL is serving as an example … stupid NHL … I hate the NHL.

I wanted the Suns to win the NBA finals - just because of Steve Nash :slight_smile: Oh well, maybe next year … I’m not overly passionate about basketball anyway.

btw, the Angels (baseball) are actually called the “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”, which I think is dumb (what is it with Anaheim? First the “mighty ducks” (give me a BREAK), now this … )