Off the Record

Ticats on Off the Record tonight

Thursday Sept 27th

Up Front with Casey Printers - Hamilton Tiger-Cats QB
Jujuan Armour - Hamilton Tiger-Cats LB
Kori Dickerson - Hamilton Tiger-Cats FB
Marwan Hage - Hamilton Tiger-Cats OL

Where ??? When???

Ticats on Off the Record tonight

Thursday Sept 27th


Dam I will be at Caledonia fair with my little guy ,have to wait till Friday to find out what they said.

Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely be watching.

They post all this stuff on right?

Dam I will be at Caledonia fair with my little guy ,have to wait till Friday to find out what they said.
They show a repeat of the show at 11:30pm on TSN as well.

Yeah I will be there to biggie it a great time but i will watch it at 11:30

It wasn't on. Get your facts straight before you post something like this.

it is supposed to be on friday at 6pm. i went to the tsn website off the record and saw the show listed


The show got pre-empted by Presidents Cup golf. The Off the Record website orignally said it would be on today (Thursday) but has just recently changed the site to say it will be on tomorrow.

Don't be surprised if it gets bumped again. But rest assured, you can access TSN Broadband and get Off the Record on demand.

Turn that frown upside down!

  • paul

No bump.. it's on at 11:30.. can't wait to see how it all goes!

LOL... Lansberg asks the guys.. "Who's favoured to win the GC" Printers says BC, both Armour and Hage reply Sask... Dickerson.. say.. the CATS!!

Lol I just watched it.

Lansbergs questions were dumb..

"Do you guys think you have a shot at the playoffs?"

What does he expect the guys to awnser? Obviously they are hopeful.. It was a pretty good show, aside from Lansbergs dumb questions.

That’s why I love Kori. I reminded myself to watch it, but them I forgot. :oops:

I had the VCR set up for 6pm and didn't get to the tape until after 12 midnight.

I was more than slightly peeved to see golf (at 6) rather than OTR and I was too late for the 11:30 "repeat".

Golf MAY be fun and enjoyable to play (for some) but as a TV event, it's like watching paint dry.

Except for the final, deciding round, cut the dang golf TV feed off on the hour so other shows (or news) do not get bumped.

IMO anyways :slight_smile:


I thought the best part of the night was when they were going to a commercial and Landsberg said “When we get back we will ask Casey Printers to give us one word to describe Michael Bishop,” and before they were off the air you could hear Armour say, “I’ve got a few words for him,” obviously referring to the “late hit” call on Labour Day.

Lansberg is contributing to the decay of society. He gives credence to any fool's need to run his mouth off. Gone are the days of needing to be able to support your argument. Simply having an opinion and the audacity to spew it publicly is all that's necessary these days. Logic, reason, facts, have all become antiques on the shelf of debate and discourse.

For anyone who missed it, it's available on TSN Broadband.

Start the player, click on "Browse all shows", then click on OTR (it should be first in the list), then find the Sept 27th episode.

Good Show!

Just watched the replay on BB.

Lansberg does a good job....(for an Argo)