Off Season

I want to know who we should sign/let go in the offseason. This team needs major rebiulding and i want your guys opinion.

....don't re-sign Wade Miller....sorry Wade I know your a Wpg. guy but....we need the room on the roster for more talent.....definitely sign if we can.....Barren Simpson....Kyries Hebert......and Banks from the Rens.....oh yeah forgot DEFINITELY SIGN CASEY PRINTERS......OR DAVE DICKENSON.....which ever one the Lions let go..... :lol:

I like ur thinking papoloza...why arn't you our GM?

...risky business being a GM.....not enough in it to leave my comfortable armchair quarterbacking duties....thanx for the thumbs up though HaLu..... :idea:

Do u know when they become free agents and when we can start signing them?? :?:

and does winnipeg have enough money to sign these guys???

February 15, 2006 is the date players some players will become free agents.

thats not for a while....hopefully taman thinks this over and gets some of those players that u said papalooza.

Our quarterbacking is fine i dunno wtf you guys are whineing about glenn is definitly a very good starter, focus Primarely on Defense

New QB is what the Bombers want. Defence Cord and a new HC is what the bombers need.

...say goodbye to Kyries Hebert.....lot of talent ...the Rens. made a good move today in locking him up for 5 yrs......don't know why he would want to stay with that circus for that long though....but heh....ya does what ya does.... :roll:

i gota disagree stegall fan. Glenn is good at times yes. But he can get very uneasy in the pocket and trows away to many passes. Usually to a defending player. he has a slower release of the ball mos tof the time as well. Wehn he has a good game game he gets relaxed and can throw extremely well but as soon as pressure comes he collases and resprts to a desperate throw normally getting picks off.

...a decent coach will help Glenn....I see him getting better if he becomes a Tom Clements type of qb.......roll out... instead of trying to throw all of his passes over those humungous bloody lineman...he's too short...but has a good arm....if he could only master throwing agaist the grain . throwing off of the opposite Tommy used to'd have one helluva Quarterback...INJURIES with him are also a concern....he could use a good off-season work out plan...toughen up Kevin... 8)

hopefully we sign barren simpson and corey banks. Hopefully we get printers as well.

...Ottawa has really jumped the pay scale guys.....5 years and a million to Hebert.......if we are going to sign free agents...(.and we haven't really started to sign our OWN free agents) this pile of dough Gades are passing out could start a huge raise in a FA'S asking price....don't like our chances trying to compete with that...if we don't get a salary cap...and quick....we would be better off selling the team to the Aspers TO LEGITIMATELY least the cash flow would be there...don't like the looks of where this league could be heading.... :roll:

why the hell arnt we owned by aspers. Hes got the cash, we need him to sign some big named players. Get taman outta here

welcome to the new cfl......we are going to get creamed in the fa market......people say Taman is the problem, well its a bloody miracle the guy can even compete in this league.........lets call a spade a spade, as a die Bomber fan it doesnt matter who we hire as coach, we just cant compete with the kind of money private owners are throwing around now......Edmonchuck is the only community owned team with enough cash to compete....unless we can get someone with deep pockets to start taking control of this franchise we are doomed to many years of basement dwelling......

Can you spell Asper as soon as they allow Aspers to buy this team the quicker the turn around my friend. Tell me what coach will look at this job seriously. Taman who at best will get this year to do his thing. Right now he and a coach (not decided yet) should be scouting out bowl games. Guess what by the time he interviews it maybe to late. FA market you are right Doug Brown stated it best. Unless a community owned team can fill a 40,000 seat stadium for 5 years in a row they will have a hard time to compete no doubt about it. I feel for you Bomber fans. The healing process with Taman as GM will not happen until he is on a slow greyhound out of town. head coach will be announced next week or week after.....there you go....I like it that they're taking the time to get it right....WE DON'T WANT ANOTHER daley.......Berry from the Al's has really impressed the Bomber brass......I would say it is going to be him or Austin....depending on how Creehan interviews...short list will include the three guys above... :arrow:

Pappa again there was nothing wrong with Daley but everything wrong with your GM you will see this summer!