Off Season Work.... What Needs To Be Done???

I know there is a thread started on Signing Free Agents, but what other work needs to be done in the offseason to get this team on track for another Championship? Now that the season is over, it Sialkot easier to look back at all that transpired and pin point things that went wrong. What are the weaknesses? What does the coaching staff and GM need to address? Chamblin's post game interview sounds like changes are coming....

IMO, here is what I think needs to be done ( and in no particular order)

  1. Get Durant Healthy. Make sure he has all the rehab needed, and get him back to normal.
  2. Find some back up QB Talent that they can put some faith in... Not sure about this Keith Price kid, but Sunseri, Doege and Joseph all need to go. Sunseri and Doege have had their opportunity, and have not shown enough to keep the experiment alive. Unfortunately, survival in this business is measured in wins, and these 2 guys have not shown enough to give the coaches confidence that they can win... This is why Joseph was brought in, and why he was given the opportunity to throw FIVE interceptions in the playoff game. Sunseri or Doege were never ever given the opportunity to throw 5... They would have been on the pine long before that.
  3. Re-sign Dressler, Heenan and Chick... Those are musts. Other free agents??? Who? Taman has to make sure he doesn't break the bank and as always, stay within the CAP.
  4. Re-evaluate coaching staff... IMO, the team needs a QB coach, a good special teams coach, and a good offensive line coach. As far as Cortez, I am still on the fence. The Riders may lose him anyway... He was a candidate for BC head coaching job before, and I don't think Benevides will survive after the Egg they laid today against Montreal..... Maybe Cortez gets recruited? Who knows... I wouldn't mind seeing Lapolice back within the organization.... He seemed to be a good offensive mind.
  5. Get some more speed at receiver...
  6. Continue to shore up Canadian depth. The combination of the expansion draft, free agency, and all the season ending injuries was too much for the Riders to overcome in 2014... This was evident in the poor play of special teams and kick return coverage. No excuse for the coach not to get new guys up to speed, but obviously the special teams did not have the best players....
  7. They need to figure out the kicking game.... IMO, they need to find a guy who is comfortable kicking in all the duties.
  1. they need to get a decent Middle Linebacker.
  1. they need to draft some good Canadian o-lineman... This pool needs to be replenished as Best, and Picard are not getting any younger.

I think that is it for now... It's getting late, and my brain is shutting down. I'm sure there will be a lot of differing views and opinions and will bring up additional points for discussion.

Wow that is quite the list. :slight_smile: I agree though on everything you pointed out. Yes our special teams needs a complete overhaul starting with the coach. New kicker for sure, heck if the Lions want Cortez we will trade him for Schmidt. It would be ideal to get a kicker that can handle all duties but I would settle for a good punter and a new field goal kicker. As for Cortez I too am on the fence but if they could get Lapo back then I would say go for it. He also has the smarts and I think he would be better with the players. O line coach should be gone. Yes we need to get bigger in our linebacking core. Sign Dressler if that is going to be possible. Heck after the limited action he saw he may not want to stick around. I'm on the fence about Allen. He had some good games but he also missed a lot of blocking assignments and seemed to shy away from taking on the blitz. We didn't use Messam hardly in the last month so may as well let him go too. Tolston is a question mark as we never got to really see what he can or can't do. Get Heenan and Chick signed perhaps shop Picard if they seriously think they have a shot at Jones which would be a stretch.
Yes like I said earlier if anything is learned from Durant going down is we need a reliable second stringer. Tino is a FA so let him go and Doege is I'm hoping getting his one way ticket out of town. Price again with not seeing him is a question mark but from his highlite footage it looks like he would be a good running qb and I would be certainly inclined to give him a serious look at in camp. Look how effective the Eskimos are with a mobile qb. It just puts so much more focus on the D to contain him which open a whole lot more up for others. Yes Durant can run but doesn't do it as much as he use to but still defenses know he has that ability and have to respect it. I say lets concentrate on Price unless he is a total dud in practice or training camp. Yes get a good qb coach to mentor whoever we have as a back up and for Durant also.

Yes its not a complete overhaul but there is plenty of work to be done and the sooner we get at it the better.
Start with firing the special teams coordinator/coach and O line Make a noise that we are not happy with the results of the season and that there is going to be changes made. Then get to work on signing our FA's.

I took the time to look up some of our players ages........and as suspected we are not as young as I kept hearing. I heard youth movement, etc..........but a lot of our rookies were ex-NFL types that are 27-29.........not 22-24.

Our O-line. Best is 31 and Picard 32. I think both could be tradable. I have never really been a huge picard fan and he hasn't done a lot to change my opinion. Best on the other hand..........I could be convinced if the Riders kept him around. Watman has been groomed at centre and has shown he can play guard. Vonk......who knows........Dan Clark had his chances and didn't perform and needs to go and create room for 2015 draft choice to develop. Reload at the draft and get great depth that pushes these established vets.

Huge need to sign Heenan. Moreso because they have nothing behind him to come in and play if he gets receruited elsewhere.

Jones in Calgary. I change my stance about his education endeavours. He takes Engineering at U of R Jan-April so maybe there is a possibility of us chasing him???? It will cost some serious cash but if this happened Picard would be released, likely also Best so Watman could step in?

Receivers. Youngest guy is Williams at 27. DePalama and Chaz are 29-30 and can be gone. The rest of them are 29, 30, 31. No receivers under 25 except for the Nationals who we never see and know nothing about. Taman has not found receiver, add Smith our head scout to the list...........Sure we can chase FA's but when can we actually find a Dominguez and develop the kid? Taj Smith will be released.

Receivers Getz is 31 and Bagg 29. One maybe two seasons left in those tanks. Those nationals stashed on the PR need to get some playing experience.

DB's...........Legree is 25. Williams and Turrenne 27. Macho and Tristan 28. Mazer, Brack and Woldu 30. You don't play a lot of DB past 30..........just saying. Turenne.......if he is our next in this spells trouble. But this DB group is good but I expect 1-2 changes for sure.

QB's. Despite everyone saying our backups are rubbish........Doege cannot be judged on 2 quarters of play? scratch your head because yesterday he came in and there was hope. He looked good and even showed us the mobility or ability to use his legs, granted he isn't a speed demon but he used his feet and this is part of that growth. He did not turn the ball over. I am not ready to write these guys off.

I think our team needs to use garbage time wiser and get 2nd and 3rd stringers game reps when they can. They keep DD in all 60 minutes to finish up and Tino, when needed, had little time under his belt because that was allotted to Drew Willy last season. But Doege and Tino were given a very tall order and they just weren't ready, aren't ready. The coaches need to determine if the same shit happens next year.........are these guys ready to step in????

Speaking of Willy........played pretty great the first 6-8 games against eastern opponents. Then the Bombers tanked and Willy was pretty inconsistent and hit some think the Bombers are ready to let him go!!!!! Perspective.

Coaches.......well off the bat ST needs to be addressed and our O-line just does not meet the expectation? Do we add a QB coach? Kickers...........I think you try to find an import who can do all 3 and can hit a kickoff 70 yards or better like Schmitt.

We aren't young. Taman has a huge off-season because there are more holes than I think I prefer. If they called this season a reload, I am not buying it. I will single out DePalma, had some great ability yards after catch but also dropped 2-3 passes. Schilens.......this guy was supposed to be the guy and he'll be cut and forgotten. Swain is the one guy who came in and showed some good potential..........and he's 29.

If we reloaded this season we didn't get very young?????? This is concerning after I took a minute to review the ages.

Yikes........I'll close on the ages on Shick, Foley and T. George.......32-33.

I do still believe Sunseri will be a good qb in this league. I do think they will need a vet backup tho especially if they are uncertain about Durant next season. Other than that if they can resign some key players on the oline, go after Brett Jones and Dressler then they should be fine. Maybe settle on a running back as well. Our downfall was at qb this year. I think the core group is good enough to win but reloading with depth after the depletion of our depth last offseason is a must.

first off evaluate the coaches, especially Offensive Coordinator, O-Line and Special Teams ,
and get a QBs coach the young QB's definitely need one.
you can have all the tools in the shed but if you don't know how to use them they are useless.

Tino may have the skill set to develop but and this is a big but, he just doesn’t seem to have the team behind him.Plus he is a FA so how much do you spend on him if he turns into a Drew Tate with his attitude? Doege I’m sorry just looks really really really lost out there. We can’t forget that we have Price who as I said looks to be a serious threat to run and that is a good skill to have in this league. If he has any kind of arm and accuracy you can teach him when to use his legs and when to be chucking it. Tino or Doege are not nearly as skilled in the run department and that is something you just can’t teach. I say we keep Price if there is any potential in him at all and get him in some games with a certain package etc and see what he has. Then keep adding on as he develops and see what he can do. Tino though unless he comes dirt cheap I don’t think we waste time,space, or money on him.

yes, I think what chamblain is referring to about rebuilding is that we lost to to many players from last year, and tried to patch things up, but really he needs to rebuild certain areas with youth,and free agents, which doesn't mean we'll be going backwards , just refreshing the troops, ?????????

yes, I think what chamblain is referring to about rebuilding is that we lost to to many players from last year, and tried to patch things up, but really he needs to rebuild certain areas with youth,and free agents, which doesn't mean we'll be going backwards , just refreshing the troops, ?????????