Off Season Transactions

Roosevelt just got scooped up by the Aid amist the Bray incident.
Walker would be an awfully great addition at Rec.

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Why did he sign to play for the Aids ? :smile: :dizzy_face:

Lol. Bray incident the Als did need some aid at REC.

RedBlacks release Beaulieu to "free up cap space"
......maybe ............. Walker?:face_with_monocle:

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Well they'll need someone to replace Rhymes. Walker would be an excellent choice, if they can sign him to a reasonable salary.

More news and moves by the RedBlacks .....................

The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League made the following roster transactions:


American defensive back Lashard Durr (Mississippi State University)
American defensive back Corey Moore (University of Georgia)
American defensive lineman Connor Flagel (Central Missouri State University)

American linebacker Nick McBeath (College of the Holy Cross)
American defensive lineman George Uko (University of Southern California)
American offensive lineman Stephane Nembot (Univeristy of Colorado)
American defensive back Kishawn McClain (University of North Texas)
National fullback Jean-Christophe Beaulieu (Université de Sherbrooke)
National defensive lineman Julien Laurent (Georgia State University)

Not exactly OFF season (well for us it is :rofl:) but Ottawa also re-signs punter Leonne for another season. Right after Dedmon's re-signing.

good start for our temporary GM :nerd_face:



AWE, Micah A LB Texas Tech
BEAULIEU, Jordan* N DB Western University
BEHAR, Nathaniel* N WR Carleton
BELTRE, Frank A DE Towson University
BUSHELL-BEATTY, Juwann A OL Michigan
CATALINA, Tyler A OL Georgia
CHAGNON, Frederic* N LB Montreal
CHARLES, Stefan* N DL Regina
COLEMAN, Davon A DL Arizona State
COOMBS, Anthony* N RB Manitoba
DAVIS, Dominique A QB East Carolina
ELLIS, Avery A DL Temple
EVANS, Randall A DB Kansas State
FLANDERS, Timothy A RB Sam Houston State
FONTANA, Alex* N OL Kansas
HARRIS, RJ A WR New Hampshire
KANNEH, Abdul A DB New Mexico Highlands
KORTE, Mark* N OL Alberta
LATOUR, Maxime* N LS Sherbrooke
LEWIS, Wesley* N WR Houston Baptist
MCGLOSTER, Jamar A OL Syracuse
MUHAMMAD, Brad A DB Florida International
NICHOLS, Matt A QB Eastern Washington
PETERMANN, Daniel* N WR McMaster
PHILIPS, Ervin A WR Syracuse
PRUNEAU, Antoine* N DB Montreal
RODGERS, Na’ty A OL Houston
SIMPSON, Cortrelle A WR Richmond
STAFFORD, Kenny A WR Toledo
UNAMBA, Don A DB Southern Arkansas
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Hard to tell which bean had the brighter shine coming off it between Lapo and Burke at the press conference. Benevides needs to get on board or they will bring in Thorpe.

I wonder if they'll try to sign FA Michael O'Connor from Calgary. Now that the Stamps have commited to Maier, O'Connor might be looking for a better opportunity and Ottawa's QB situation should be wide open.

Having a local boy play QB for the Redblacks could make a nice story.

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OTTAWA – The REDBLACKS announced the following roster moves on Thursday:


  • American defensive back Douglas Coleman II
    HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 200 lbs | BIRTHDAY: 1998-06-28
    HOMETOWN: Zachary, LA | SCHOOL: Texas A&M
  • American defensive lineman Tre Hornbuckle
    HEIGHT: 6-4 | WEIGHT: 255 lbs | BIRTHDAY: 1997-11-02
    HOMETOWN: Murray, MO | SCHOOL: Duke
  • American receiver Terry Williams
    HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 207 lbs | BIRTHDAY: 1992-03-11
    HOMETOWN: Morristown, NJ | SCHOOL: Tennessee-Martin
  • National offensive lineman Clement Lebreux
    HEIGHT: 6-4 | WEIGHT: 300 lbs | BIRTHDAY: 1993-12-05
    HOMETOWN: Longueuil, QC | SCHOOL: Laval
  • Global receiver Anthony Mahoungou
    HEIGHT: 6-3 | WEIGHT: 210 lbs | BIRTHDAY: 1994-02-12
    HOMETOWN: Paris, France | SCHOOL: Purdue
  • Global defensive back Tony Anderson
    HEIGHT: 6-4 | WEIGHT: 207 lbs | BIRTHDAY: 1994-04-20
    HOMETOWN: Paris, France | SCHOOL: Grand View
  • Global kicker Jose Maltos
    HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 221 lbs | BIRTHDAY: 1997-05-17
    HOMETOWN: Monterrey, Mexico | SCHOOL: Monterrey Fundidores


  • American quarterback Dominique Davis (East Carolina)
  • American running back Patrick Carr (Houston)
  • American linebacker Jerod Fernandez (North Carolina State)
  • American quarterback Tom Flacco (Towson)
  • American defensive back Brad Muhammad (Florida International)
  • American defensive lineman Chigozie Nnoruka (Miami – FL)
  • American receiver Ervin Phillips (Syracuse)
  • American offensive lineman Na’Ty Rodgers (Houston)
  • American defensive lineman Qaadir Sheppard (Mississippi)
  • American receiver Kenny Stafford (Toledo)
  • American offensive lineman Juwann Bushell-Beatty (Michigan)
  • Global offensive lineman Chris Ferguson (Cincinnati)
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Moved on and Released Flaco and Davis at QB .