Off Season Transactions

Pruneau and Beaulieu re-signed for 3 and 2 years respectively

2 down and 28 to go :o

three more REDBLACKS extensions

REC Julian Feoli-Gudino
DL Ettore Lattanzio
P/K Richie Leone!

2 more signed

McMillan extended!!

now Romick

5 players re-signed for 2020 announced on Friday

Sinopoli, Mateas, Bolduc, Ronick and Gillanders all good for 2 more seasons.

and then there is this … Rick Campbell says goodbye (his choice??):frowning: :o

WRONG GUY is leaving IMO (should have been the GM)

13 more players signed by RedBlacks

Lapolice as HC .

A positive step forward .

yes sir!!

AND fills in the OC position as well. I believe he will be doing both jobs.

… So which QB comes with him?
Streveler? Collaros? or Nichols?;D

RedBlacks add Wylie to coaching staff and extend Dyce 8)

so far so good!!!

Coach Bob Wylie. So happy he’s back in the league. One of the most interesting characters in football. Its worth buying a ticket, just to see his stomach go up as he calls a play.

Set hut!

Holy cow his stomach does move .

Like a Molson muscle flex .

Nichols has been with the big blue machine for a couple of years. He has made a name for himself in the peg. On the other hand, Collaros has no established home. I think Collaros will move and hopefully to ottawa.

No time wasted for RedBlacks new coach.
Hired Mike Benevides as DC today

add to that … Nolan MacMillan signed for 2 more seasons ;D

keep it going Ottawa

Good RB signed today - Timothy Flanders. He could be a difference maker if given the chance.

Arbuckles rights traded to Ottawa ;D

Interesting move. I don’t recall this type of trade being done in the CFL before. Hopefully that inside track on negotiating with Arbuckle will pay off, but I could see him waiting till FA season to see what Dinwiddie and the Argos offer.

I had thought that Lapolice might go after Bombers FA QBs instead, but I think targeting Arbuckle is a good move.

Sure it’s been done before. Toronto traded to Edmonton to acquire James Franklin before he became a free agent, so the Argos could sign him before anyone else got a crack at him in free agency.

And they did.

Here’s hoping Ottawa has better luck with Arbuckle than the Argos did with Franklin.

Lol, there’s probaby a reason I forgot about the Franklin trade . . . and yes I hope it works out better in Ottawa too.

RedBlacks add two linemen and QB to their roster