Off Season Transactions

Looks like we lost this in the transition so we can start again.

Darren Cameron @Darren_Cameron

.@J_Daniels74 signs two year extension with the club. Tough injury for him last season, but has fought hard to be ready for 2016. Great pro.

Hopefully this is the first of many good off season signings.

...Good to see we are signing our valued fa's...Daniels is a good one and was solid up until he got banged up...I have to laugh at tsns' fa list.....They still have Robert Marve listed (retired) and Chevron Walker (released), and that really only leaves us with 10 to re-up...And of those ten, I think that Moore,Marshal,Nichols, Richardson, and possibly Hajrullahu are a priority..I think we should have a little dough to play with once the smoke clears to look at other teams fa's...Hello Andrew Harris for one :wink:

Good RT, that spot became a weakness when he got hurt. We just need him to stay healthy. Now let's see if we can find a starting LG.

#Bombers have signed import DB Kevin Fogg.
Darrin Bauming @DarrinBauming

#Bombers re-sign International WR Jhomo Gordon. The speedster didn't do much as a 21-year-old, but he's super young. Played college at 17.

The Bombers are very environmentally friendly, they recycle....a lot.

Does anyone else think that with all the recent coaching changes the shit seems to be hitting the fan almost all across the league (e.g, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, BC). But for the first time in donkey's years, it's not the Bombers who are getting covered in it.

Not everybody,

Paul Friesen ? @friesensunmedia

@WiebeSunSports I blame the Bombers.

…Of course Friesen blames the Bombers for everything…the inclement weather…the situation in the middle east…damage to the environment… :lol: …I know he scrambles to dig up something and it sometimes looks like he genuinely doesn’t like us…The Jets are stinking up their division and he gives them the gentle treatment…We’re not his favourite son … Best not to read his junk…AND yes it is nice that the only team not changing their head coach in the west is us and no real ‘poop’ to throw at the fan…Guess we’ll find out if that’s good or bad in 16’ :roll: Oh and nice to see Gordon returning…I hope he returns to form after that bad injury last year…

In the immortal words of Mandy Rice-Davis "He would say that, wouldn't he."

He never got over his banning from the locker room :stuck_out_tongue:

Friesen is the worst excuse for a sports writer. Earlier this season he bragged on twitter about showing up late to a practice and just pigging out at the food provided them by the Bombers while not having paid any attention to what was going on on the field. He's like the Cirque du Soleil of sports writers, any contortion to put a negative spin or dig into his story. And seeing tweets from other guys covering the bombers back and forth to Friesen it seems that's a running joke amongst them as well.

Blue Bombers ?@Wpg_BlueBombers 7m7 minutes ago

The club has released National offensive lineman Dominic Picard. >>

No surprise. Can be used to find another top OL or used to help sweeten the pot on a couple of other FAs.

Yup.To much money for a guy past his prime.

For all those holding out hope for Bilukidi to finally show up:

Justin Dunk ?@JDunk12 6m6 minutes ago

#Washington signs Canadian DL Christo Bilukidi (@MonteChristo96) to future/reserve contract.

I think he's at or near the threshold to get a NFL pension. I don't think this will deter teams from bringing him in , I think he's kind of settled into that journeyman NFL veteran - useful in camps to push young players, capable of filling in if injuries hit your team on a moments notice. Not much job security but it'll still pay better for a couple of games than a full time starting DL position up here. Unless he gets cut early during minicamps during the NFL off season I don't expect him here next season.

I see the Stamps cut Juwan Simpson to go younger and cheaper. Would anyone be surprised to hear John Murphy's already talking to him about the Riders?

And speaking of the Riders - we lost WR coast Markus Howell to them, and Barron Miles is off to Edmonton. Couple more coaching positions to fill.

Word is that Matt Nichols has re-signed for 1 yr with the Bombers. Hard to see us spending any money to add any of the pending FA QBs like Travis Lulay or Trevor Harris to the roster to compete with or back up Willy.

Nichols seemed to be the best back-up that we have had recently....Good signing I would say and if Drew goes down I feel comfortable with him at the controls. :thup:

.....Coach Howell has flown the coop to riderland as well as Baron Miles to Edm....I was not impressed with either guy but wish them luck...O'Shea has probably had a long talk with Lapolice and I would guess they weren't that excited about keeping them around :roll:

I like the Nichol signing . He's avery serviceable #2.

Have to agree. He's one of the best #2s in the league. This is a very good signing.... He's not a bad #1 either !