Off Season Trade Thought

Casey Printers for Weston Dressler. Bishop is not the answer in Regina and Dressler is the new Garney Henley, being from South Dakota and all...

Good Luck with that.

no way in hell would saskatchewan EVER do that.

Don’t be so sure, we would end up getting taken on it though. Dressler is overrated IMO

Let's stop for a second. No one is, or will EVER be Garney. Henley was an All-Star ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL. That will never happen again. I could go over all of Garney's accomplishments, but that would be absurd since no one is in his class.

So please, to everyone out there, let's not say anyone is the next Garney Henley.

I agree 100 %. Besides no one ever caught Garney from behind, whereas one of our DBs (Bradley?) hustled and sure out ran Dressler to the 1 yd line, easily catching up to him.

He only caught Dressler because he pulled his hamstring on that run. Bradley would have never got him if he was able to go full speed.

Ps. Dressler is from North Dakota not South Dakota.

Green Riders traded the league MVP this off season because they could not afford him.
Printers is far from having an MVP season, and is paid more…do you think the Riders will give up a good player for him?

Trade the Hamilton team, coaches and management for the B.C. team, coaches and management. Keep our cheerleaders and Bob Young.

I also agree, there are very very few players from the past and none in the present that can match Garney's skill, knowledge or gentlemanliness on the football field. Garney Henley and few others are at such an elite level of the CFL in terms of "a great player"

Out of curiosity who would you put into this class?
A few players that come to mind would be, Russ Jackson, Ron Lancaster, John Barrow, Tony Gabriel (Tony never played defence though).

I agree with Box D and PC 45. Garney Henley was sans pareil. The others mentioned were in a similar category, and perhaps Lui Passaglia and Hal Patterson could be added, maybe one or two others

There's no "next" Garney Henley.

Trade Casey Printers for Reggie Mac Neil in Toronto. I like that kids running and catching abilty. The kid can also play quarterback as well - when you need the trick play.......