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What to pass away the offseason with . . . ?

Well here's a question.

Many football players, after they score a TD, point to the sky, presumably to their God (or, in some cases, Allah). Football coaches often encourage their players to pray before games, and you frequently see players from both teams getting together on the field at the end of the game in a group prayer session.

You rarely, if ever, see the same thing in hockey.

Why is that?

Is it that football players are more religious than hockey players? If so, why? Or does it mean that God (and/or Allah) is a football fan and not a hockey fan?

well, there is a greater influence from the USA bible belt.

also, logistics

It just isnt as easy to do in hockey

Hockey players are less demonstrative, because it's been drilled into them that any extraneous display of emotion is unclassy, showboating, selfish, etc. etc. Football players actually conduct themselves on the field like human being who get excited when good things happen, not cliche-spouting robots whose command of the "no-eye-contact monotone" elevates the practice of using words to say absolutely nothing to an art form.

At the risk of causing e-bullets and a flame war...

Football generally isn't expensive and highschools provide most of the needed equipment, hockey however, is crazy expensive and only a lot of parent's $ buys gear. Paying for icetime is a whole new bag of money. From my experiance, those who're the most religious generally are the on the lower end of the pay scale. So if you have the majority of the people in a sport who're poor and as FYB mentioned, from a religious region, that I'd say is a pretty good explaination.
Combine that with some of them being smart enough to realize they came from nothing to being well off feel they should say thanks for it. I doubt a middle class guy would be as thankful for his newfound wealth as somebody who couldn't afford a cell phone.

Interesting , but for some reason, I just can't see Dion Phaneuf and Sean Avery kneeling down in prayer together after a game...

Could be an outdoor thing as opposed to indoor? Perhaps the sky pointing reminds them of a loved one that was close to them that has passed on.

OK Madjack, this isn't one of your then/than grammatical things, it's on my turf. Allah is just the Arabic word for God, same as dieu is the French word. So as an Als fan especially, if you want to cover the likely linguistic alternatives, it would be "God and/or dieu and/or Allah", or else just plain God.

As for the actual question, it's true hockey players don't visibly pray, but I remember back when the Habs really were the Flying Frenchmen, most of them crossed themselves when they took to the ice.

Anyone know what the prayer habits are in basketball or baseball?

I know Ron Artest was the first person to thank his shrink. :lol:

for what its worth, I know that many christianchurch hockey leagues are among the toughest and dirtiest. Hockey seems to bring out the worst in people, but it doesnt stop them from being religious, at least away from the ice. I am quite sure that when there is a really serious injury, there will be players on both benches praying to the same God.

A couple of them (Georges for sure, and at least one other) still do.

I was just thinking about that after the comment about the cost differences between football and hockey, and a possible link to religious displays. Baseball and basketball have very low participation costs as well (baseball: glove, shoes; basketball: shoes), so based on the cost argument, you should see similar behavious in those sports. But unless the broadcasters avoid showing it for some reason, I'd say it isn't there. And as baseball is an outdoor sport, that blows that theory as well.

I think FYB may have the best answer - differences in where the majority of players come from.

I'm not sure about the cost factor. My university scrapped football in the 1980s because of the high per-player costs for equipment etc.; they went with soccer, rugby, and basketball along with hockey (if they scrapped hockey the alumni would probably burn the place down).

Yes, I confess to having tread on your territory.

Had I, instead of saying "their God (or, in some cases, Allah)" I had simply said "deity", would that be acceptably correct?

I often wonder what it must be like for atheists in football (I'm sure there are many albeit an obvious minority). Group prayer is an overt expression of one's beliefs. I'm sure atheist football players reserve team prayer for a quiet moment of contemplation but some must be itching to express themselves too.

Atheist MVP wins Grey Cup: "First, I'd like to thank the almighty Darwin, Hawking and Dawkins for my seizing the opportunity 'cause you only live once! Having said that, I rescind the previous statement because this win was only the culmination of a seemingly infinite, yet possibly finite set of natural circumstances that could have no other outcome than the present result.. Whooo!"

....i think the habits worn are usually black and white :wink:

Isn't that what Jamel Richardson was trying to say? :wink: