Off Season Timewaster #3

Okay how about this. . . who in here holds the record for the most failed predictions?

I’ve got three; when I was first teaching Mrs MadJack about the CFL several years ago, I gave her three predictions:

  1. Stanley Jackson will have a long career as a starting QB in the CFL;
  2. Rocky Butler will have a long career as a starting QB in the CFL;
  3. Marcus Brady will have a long career as a starting QB in the CFL.

So I’m 0-3 on those boners.

Tied with me at 3 is flutiefan02:

flutiefan02 wrote: looks like the Eskimos will be signing McPherson

So he’s tied with me with three whoppers.

So who can beat our record for futility ?

…Once told a friend that Mike Kelly bringing Lefors with him to the Peg was a great move and would lead to big things…lol :thdn: …

…Thought Printers would actually do something and bring success to Ham., when he came back from the nfl :lol: :lol:(then again i thought Wally Gabler was a steal when the Bombers got him from T.O…that’s going back a bit) wrong call

…Proably my worst take was that a guy by the name of Mark Trestman would never do well in the CFL and his hiring was a huge mistake :lol:

Well that puts you in the dubious lead, papa, with 4. . .

At the beginning of 2006, I thought the Ti-Cats were a Grey Cup contenting side with:

Terry Vaughn
Josh Ranek
Jason Maas (off his spectacular 2005 WDSF performance)
Corey Holmes

Joe Paopao at OC...

At season's end:
4-14... oh well..

idiotically, I thought Prechae Rodriguez would redeem himself when signed by Toronto. :expressionless:

and that Tebow would have been in the CFL already. (although still believe his time in the NFL will be short lived)

I thought argos would be first and bombers would be last.

Thought Montreal would falter and barely make it into the playoffs.
Thought Bucky wouldn't miss a single game (obviously was drinking that night).
Burris would remain dominant.

Also, upon reflecting on previous predictions, I'm lousy at making long term predictions. I really should just stick to one week at a time.

Cant say that I ever had any bad predictions.

I predicted how my man Michael Bishop would have a long career as the number 1 QB for the Argos.

You're not the only one. :cry:

I hope that was tongue in cheek. . . because if you’re serious, you’re lying like pinocchio.

This was intended as a light-hearted thread, so we can laugh at ourselves. . .after all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you have no right to poke fun at others.

So join in the spirit of the thread. . . we’ve got papa in the ‘lead’ with four, flutiefan02, grims, and I come in tied for second at 3; I’m sure if you look back you can find at least 4 bad predictions that you’ve made, perhaps even more to take the lead!

If your memory is failing you, allow me to remind you of just two:

So there’s two. … Bishop playing for Calgary or Winnipeg in the 2011 playoffs, and Bishop being MVP of the Grey Cup.

I’m confident you can come up with more, under various identities you’ve used in here.

For sure it was tongue in cheek!

I said Lulay in BC would never be successful as a starter.

I said repeatedly that Jyles would never be a successful CFL starting QB, and that he throws like a girl and that really all he can do is run...I was way off on that prediction, Or was I???

First time I ever saw AC play with the Las Vegas CFL team, I said he would be a super star

in 1987 I named Gilbert Renfroe starter of the Argos long before OB did, Argos would have won Grey Cup had it not been for Renfroe`s knee injury ...mind you I also said Danny Barrett was not good enough, so DB sure showed me what was what later on in his career. Boy he sure never passed like that as a Argo

Sure I have made bad predictions...

MB would have/should have, was out of his control. Your prediction was the correct one! The opportunity to be the Argo number 1 QB for multi years was taken from him. I still have not recovered from that.

The 2 most upsetting injustices in football on my list are......The day the Buffalo Bills announced that Rob Johnson would be starting in the 1999 NFL playoffs over Doug Flutie, that would be number 1 for me...BTW I AM NOT A NFL FAN, JUST FOLLOWED FLUTIE.

And number 2 would be how Bishop was treated so badly by Pinball and the Argo owners of the day, when he was traded away against the wishes of the vast majority of the players and the HC . And also the treatment he received in Sask and Winnipeg as well, and in general the terrible hateful attacks from the sports media.

Both of those events, Flutie and Bishop equally upsetting to me.

Sure I can think of others, 3rd would be releasing Dunigan after the 91 Grey Cup. I rooted for Bombers that year

Agree with you. :thup:

I think I have you all beat with just one gaslty prediction: Back in the mid 90's While watching the "American Experiment" on ESPN. I told all my friends that the CFL was here to stay in my country :oops: Beat THAT

If the NFL had not got scared and quickly brought a team back to Baltimore, who knows......

I think that is the bottom line on US expanison.
As much as it was a disaster is some cities, the success in Baltimore forced the NFL hand and ultimately killed the CFL in the US.
For the time being?

yes, the NFL knew the Baltimore Stallions were a tremendous success (best avg attendance in the CFL) and feared this CFL franchise would become permanently entrenched in Baltimore consciousness, thus the relocation of the fledgling NFL Browns there.

Jim Speros, owner of the Stallions, was a great exec with considerable instinct and intellect for the game who built a dynamic team from commencement.
Cohon should approach Speros regarding possible involvement in a Halifax or Quebec City franchise.

always thought he should have succeeded Larry Smith as Commish...

As good as Speros was and he was a great cheerleader for the CFL, apparently the story is he had no money of his own.

A few minutes after the start of the first XFL game on TV in its only season in the spring of 2001, and in my craving for more football, I told a friend on the phone that "we have a hit." :oops:

Wiki says that Vince McMahon's original plan was to buy the entire CFL after he was approached originally to buy the Argos by the CFL. I wonder what happened to that plan? We could have been spared the whole XFL mess if it had gone forward.

Otherwise I have many bad NFL predictions to go with the correct ones, but I'll stay off that here and I've only been watching CFL football actively since 2009 anyway.