Off Season Timewaster #3: Meeting historical persons

You have a time machine, and can go back in time to meet historical persons; who are the first five you’d choose to meet?


  1. Genghis Khan
  2. Juan Peron
  3. Abraham Lincoln
  4. Winston Churchill
  5. My maternal grandfather (been many decades now, but I still miss the guy)
  1. Fyodor Dostoevsky
  2. Atlatl Cauac
  3. Malintzin
  4. Geoffrey Chaucer
  5. Marco Polo

Adam and Eve
Sitting Bull
Abe Lincoln
Laura Secord - who should have won the greatest Canadian thing a few years ago

#1…Lee Harvey Oswald
#2…George Harrison
#3…John Lennon
#4…Jack Ruby
#5…Buddy Holly

Galileo Galilei
Isaac Newton
Babe Ruth
Thomas Jefferson

  1. Fidel Castro
  2. Trump’s grand-father - so I could put a stop to the progression
  3. Abraham Lincoln
  4. Alexander the Great
  5. Diogenes
  6. Jack Kerouac
  7. Robert Johnson

I’m assuming “meeting” means being able actually have a conversation with and they told the truth.

Davey Crockett
Etta Place ( GF of Butch and Sundance)
Pierre Trudeau
Mary Magdelan (if she truly did exist)
Charles Bukowski

Meeting Bukowski would definitely be fascinating and fun. I considered him for my list but went with figures from the more distant past, just with the idea of getting a taste for life at those various times and places.

I would have guessed you’d pick the first three, probably in that order. Here are mine (assuming that I could not only talk to them but understand their replies). Not all household names I admit:

  1. Ankhsenamun (daughter of heretic/monotheistic pharaoh Akhenaton, wife/widow of King Tut, international conspirator)
  2. Confucius
  3. Emperor Akbar of India (religious freethinker, contemporary of Elizabeth I at at time when freethinking could mean the stake in Europe)
  4. Joseph Smith (a true master of his craft, such as it was ::))
  5. Our maternal grandfather is a very appealing thought, but I’m slightly obsessed with our paternal great-grandfather. Couldn’t sign his own name, brought his young family to Canada from south London in 1907, lost his wife in 1911, put our Grandad and his brothers into an orphanage and disappeared back to England. Been trying for years to find out what became of him but no luck.

…gotta admit there’s some names on this list that I don’t have a clue about…thanks for providing an afternoon of interesting research!

Yeah, I think I’d want to go to the really early historical period too; everyone else I can basically read about:

  1. Julius Caesar
  2. Oddyseus
  3. Hannibal Barca
  4. Alexander The Great
  5. Cyrus The Great
  1. Jack the Ripper
  2. DB Cooper
  3. John Holmes
  4. George Hackenshmidt
  5. Pope John XII
  6. Gavrillo Princip
  7. Erwin Rommel
  8. Gerda Musinger
  9. Dorothy Stratten
  10. Rick Carter (Detroit)

Lyle Bauer & Everyman just popped at your #1 suggestion.

Gerda’s last name is Munsinger, not Musinger! Is your #3 pick the lady’s man?

hahaha…Good one Lyle!!

A cop profiler would have a field day with EastVan’s picks hey?

Mark …take me with you for the DB Cooper meet.

another 5

Elizabeth Montgomery
Fred Flintstone
Hitler - I would really like a shot at learning what made him tick
Walt Disney

If you are wondering what made Adolf Hitler tick you might as well bring Walt Disney with you since they shared a lot of the same ideals and Disney was fond of Hitler

Some would say he was a lady’s man yes, although it’s rumoured that his adventures with men is what brought about his demise

I’ll keep you posted.

My first list was of historical figures mainly who have influenced the world… My second list was of people who have mystery attached to them and my first two picks were Jack the Ripper and DB Cooper.(thumbs up, Mark)…I would also really like to talk to the guy who buried something on Oak Island. I have been a fan of the Oak Island mystery way before the TV show.

Yup . Getting those two together would make for a very interesting conversation indeed . Apparently the Fuehrer was a big fan of Walt and his movies .:o